Friday, June 5, 2009

2012 - Doomsday, Great Awakening, or a big nothing?

People have attempted to predict the end of the world hundreds of times. Here is a website that lists 220 different instances someone predicted the end of the world. There may be more than what made that list too. So I guess it's not surprising that many people have a hard time taking end times predictions seriously when "wolf" has been cried so many times before. The last time a lot of people got in a frenzy over a doomsday scenario was the year 2000 and Y2K. Even the mainstream media chimed in on that one. It was kind of a double whammy too, some thought that because it was (approximately) 2000 years after the birth of Christ, that he would be coming back (which wouldn't have been a bad thing anyways). And a lot of people thought that the whole Y2K computer issue was going to be a major problem regardless of whether or not they thought Jesus was coming back. The whole thing was pretty silly though. People had plenty of time to prepare for any potential computer problems. And Jesus could appear at any time...trying to predict a date for that is pointless...and He even told us that no one knows the time of his return, not even the angels or Himself (Matthew 24:35-36)! So what could the big deal about 2012 be? What do a bunch of ancient Mayans running around sacrificing animals and humans and being uncivilized know about the end of the world?

The Mayan Calendar seems to be the most precise (from what I've heard it is slightly more accurate than our own calendar) but similar predictions have been attributed to other cultures. Some have attributed a similar prediction to the ancient Egyptians. I had a recording of a lecture a guy was giving on some of the really ancient traditions of ancient Egypt including a bit about various solar cycles (there were five if I remember correctly) and he went on an interesting spill about what their significance was and what time periods the cycles took place during...with the current one coming to an end soon. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate the video again so I could rewatch it, so I can't really elaborate any further than that. And I couldn't even find a reference to it on the internet either. Nevertheless, the Mayans seemed to have calendar making down to an almost exact science. They seemed to be able to understand different periods of solar activity, which seem to work like clockwork. For instance, the sun goes through what is called a sunspot cycle every 11 years. I'm certainly no expert on solar science, but basically what occurs is the sun goes through a period of minimal and maximum sunspot activity ultimately resulting in a pole reversal. Yes, just as planets have a north and south pole, so to does the sun. But the sun's poles reverse, south goes north, and north goes south. Planetary poles can reverse too, though it seems to be a rare occurence. Currently, Venus is the only planet that is upside down so to speak, meaning the south pole is north and the north pole is south (because it spins backwards in relation to the other planets of the solar system). But before we go any further, here is a news clip from Fox News with a physicist explaining upcoming solar storms we are going to be experiencing around...2012:

But the thing is, 11 year cycles aren't the only cycles the sun goes through. But the one coming up in 2012 is apparently a bigger one than normal not just because of some scientific data but because of another longer cycle that is coming up too. I'm not going to pretend like I understand all the different sun cycles and try to corelate them with all the different moments of interest in the Mayan calendar, but I do understand that the sun effects a lot of things in a lot of ways. For one, it is what is really causing global warming - not carbon emissions. The carbon emissions global warming theory is a myth put forward by faulty scientific models and probably by scientists that enjoy all the funding it gets them. And by guys like Al Gore that want to institute a silly global carbon tax. Are our factories causing the other planets in the solar system to warm too? Is it our SUVs that are causing ice to melt on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn? Here is a documentary about that (its not short though, its around 40 minutes long):

Long story short, the sun is a tremendous ball of magnetic energy. Theres positive energy and theres negative energy. It moves and the earth moves. Different positions in different periods of time result in differences in what and how much energy is hitting us. And besides the heat, the magnetic effects cause problems too. It can effect communications, and it can effect us. A lot of people don't realize how much our own "body clocks" go by the sun. Female ovulation cycles are effected by it too. Our bodies are also comprised of a bio-magnetic energy field (aura, soul, ka, spirit...whatever you want to call it), and changes in the suns magnetic field can not only effect the earths geo-magnetic field, but can potentially effect our own bio-magnetic energy fields. The energy it provides is crucial to our existence in so many ways. So it should come as no surprise that fluxuations in that energy can potentially cause changes in us and/or our environment. For anyone interested in learning more about various solar cycles, here is a video I found by Maurice Cotterell. The quality isn't that good because it's just a recording of him giving a lecture in a dark room with an overhead projector...but it's watchable. The video is around 93 minutes long and he goes from point to point rather quickly, so you'd need to watch it when you have plenty of free time and can be alert. He is what some may describe as a "fringe" scientist (he's been featured on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory), but he is well educated which gives him credibility. Here is the remainder of the lecture (the whole lecture is about three hours total).

I have also heard some claims recently that the Earth's vibration (known as Schumann resonance) - which is normally around 7.8 hz - has been increasing since the 1980s. Some websites I've looked at have disputed this though, so it may not be true. But if it were true, then that be another interesting clue to look at. If the vibrations of the earth are increasing, then it would seem that that would effect our own vibrations (the bio-magnetic energy field, spirit, soul, whatever you want to call it) within ourselves. Truthfully, I don't know much about the science behind schumann resonance and only became familiar with it recently, but for anyone that may even have a passing interest on the 2012 subject, it may be an interesting topic to look into more.

So what is going to happen around 2012? Communication systems knocked out? Possibly. A great awakening? Maybe. The end of the world? Probably not. But it's possible it may be the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine).

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