Sunday, June 21, 2009

More on 2012

Yesterday I watched a recording of an episode of Decoding the Past, a History Channel documentary series, and the topic was 2012 prophecies. It brought to light several other prophecies regarding 2012 that I was unfamiliar with, or had forgotten about when I wrote my original post on the subject here. It seems that seers worldwide have predicted that something will happen in 2012...and many of them seem disastrous. Besides the famous Mayan calendar prophecy, the program also highlights prophecies by the Chinese fortune telling method known as the I Ching, the prophecies of the Sibyl of Cumae (a Roman oracle), the prophecies of Merlin (the historical figure that the Merlin of King Arthur fame is based on), the predictions of the web bot project (a computer program originally designed to predict the future of stocks), as well as other Native American prophecies. The I Ching was designed for personal fortune telling, but during the 80's and 90's, a man named Terrence McKenna adapted it into a timeline beginning from around 4000 years ago when it was first created, and ending guessed it...2012. The other prophets/oracles mentioned in the program were mentioned not just because of their doomsday predictions, but also because of their remarkable accuracy in earlier predictions. For instance, the web bot project predicted the anthrax attacks in 2001, the east coast power outage of 2003, earthquakes and water rising in 2004 and 300,000 people dying (the big tsunami), and the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The web bot predicted escalating disasters and/or warfare from around 2009 up to a peak point in 2012. The Sibyl predicted the invasion of Italy by Hannibal 700 years before it occurred and predicted his ultimate defeat. She predicted the rise of the Emperor Constantine by name 800 years before he was born. She also predicted the birth of a child that would change the world that Christians interpreted to be Jesus. Despite being a pagan oracle of Apollo, her image is painted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling because of her prophecy interpreted as the birth of Jesus. She predicted the generation that began around 2000 AD would be the last. So while she didn't specify 2012, she did specify the generation living during that time would be the last. She predicted earthquakes, wars, and fire from the heavens that would burn many cities and leave black ashes filling the sky.

According to astrologers and astronomers, the Sun, the Earth, and the center of the galaxy are going to line up in 2012. It seems that this event is the basis for the December 21st, 2012 date. If it was just the Mayan calendar that predicted this, I wouldn't think much of it. For one, it would seem to me to be just another specific, yet unique point in time. But considering there are so many other prophecies about it around the world, I find the subject more interesting. As it turns out, the Mayan prophecies aren't even the oldest. One popular theory on what will happen is a pole shift, where the north and south poles of the Earth reverse. Doing so suddenly would cause massive destruction. I got to thinking about it, and I began to wonder if moving past the Sun and the massive black hole at the center of the galaxy would cause the magnetism of the planet to reverse. Much like how opposites attract. What if in our current position with the north pole being north and the south pole being south reverse once we move past the center point in December 2012? Think of taking two magnets and putting them together. If you put the norths near each other they repel each other. But if you move one around to the other side and put the north towards the south, they will pull themselves together. In the case of the planetary poles though, the planet wouldn't suddenly repel away or move towards the Sun or galactic center, it would simply be forced to flip its magnetic poles in order to maintain its normal orbit. The planet would then presumably begin to spin backwards too, much like Venus currently does now (Venus' poles are currently reversed). I think the planet's poles flipping and the Earth suddenly starting to spin backwards would certainly explain all the predicted earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and any other sort of natural disaster chaos.

What's interesting to me though is how many different prophecies there are about this time period from ancient cultures around the world. I considered the idea that the planetary alignment predicted for December 2012 has shown up in different cultures simply because all that is necessary is an understanding of astronomy or astrology. If you know that, then you can calculate where a heavenly body will be at any given point in time. So in other words, maybe various cultures simply pointed out that unique position of the Earth and Sun at that point in time. And people that had never met each other were able to point out the same event simply because it's true and they knew how to calculate it. Maybe all the doomsday predictions are just modern fantasies attached to that unique date. But, not all of the prophecies are based on astrological calculations. The Sibyl for instance saw visions and uttered her prophecies while she was in a trance. Her prediction of a doomsday time wasn't attached to a specific date either, but it was predicted for a time period during which the 2012 date would occur. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see what does or doesn't happen in 2012.

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