Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Mystery of Building Coral Castle

When I reread my posting the other day about the Forgotten Knowledge of Egypt, I was surprised that I never mentioned Coral Castle in that article. Coral Castle is a place most people probably haven't heard of, but it is listed among the National Register of Historic Places. The name is somewhat deceptive - its not really a castle in the traditional sense of the word. It does have a two story stone "tower", but it's mostly a series of megalithic monuments including a sun dial, a fountain, an obelisk, large stone rocking chairs, a "throne" and much more. One of the main attractions is a nine ton revolving gate simply called the "Rock Gate". It was set in such a way that even a small child could tap the nine ton gate with a single finger and set it in motion. Some of the blocks used in the monuments weighed as much as 30 tons. So what is the big deal about all of that? It was built by a single man weighing only 100 pounds at five feet tall without modern lifting equipment.

Edward Leedskalnin was a Latvian immigrant to America in the early part of the 20th century and had little formal education. He began building the Coral Castle complex in 1920. He built the monuments behind walls mostly at night with lanterns to maintain his privacy. He was never seen unloading the trucks either. In 1936, someone planned to build a subdivision near the "castle" so he decided to move...and moved all of the monuments himself. A truck was used to move them from one location to the other of course, but he proceeded to rebuild the whole thing again in the new location!

Although no one watched him build the "castle", it is known that he didn't use cranes or heavy machinery. He just used simple tools he made himself from an auto junkyard in addition to simple wooden tripods he probably made himself. The wooden tripods alone wouldn't have been strong enough to lift all the blocks and didn't appear to be tall enough to raise the obelisk. Leedskalnin also wrote a booklet about his thoughts on magnetism, and it is thought that he may have used some sort of special knowledge of magnetism to build the monuments. One story says some curious neighbors saw him levitate the blocks. Another story states that some teenagers spying on him claimed to see him floating the blocks through the air somehow. Other theories suggest he may have had some kind of special knowledge of harmonics, and/or knew how to utilize some sort of "earth energy". He never revealed his secret though, so no one really knows how he did it.

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Here is one of the few photos taken inside the "castle"
walls during the construction. You can see two, possibly
three tripods in it (I think that might be one behind the tower).

Whenever people asked how he built the "castle" he would just say that he "understood the laws of weight and leverage well". So how was such a small man able to accomplish such a feat? Back in the 1980s, the famous Rock Gate fell off its bearing and finally stopped working. In 1986, it took seven guys and a 20 ton crane two weeks to repair it. It had only taken Leedskalnin five days to build it by himself without a crane! I think this is a prime example of how the Egyptians could have easily built monuments such as the Pyramids without modern technology and with less effort and manpower than it is traditionally thought they must have used. They wouldn't have even needed help from aliens! Leedskalnin himself stated, “I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids, and have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan, and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons!”

The point here is that large buildings and monuments can be built without heavy machinery and without hard labor. While we may not know how the Egyptians did it and Leedskalnin may have kept his mouth shut about the secrets, people have seen it can be done. Leedskalnin disagreed with modern science and claimed that scientists were wrong. He said that "nature was simple". And I suppose actions speak louder than words. Science certainly doesn't have all the answers and its answers aren't always correct either. Science hasn't provided us with a way for one man to build large stone buildings and monuments alone without heavy machinery...it took an uneducated Latvian immigrant to prove it could be done.

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