Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 7 Solar Flare

When I posted my new article on crop circles yesterday I didn't expect to be posting a new one today with new information regarding something I mentioned in that article. In yesterday's article I mentioned that one of this years crop circles predicted a solar storm for July 7 (which just so happened to be yesterday), and lo and behold, there apparently was a solar storm on July 7. And this comes to light just a few days after a massive sunspot around a 100 times larger than the Earth appeared on the sun.

This doesn't necessarily prove the crop circle was accurate though. Science may not be able to predict solar flares and sunspots ahead of time, but periods of solar activity such as the 11 year sunspot cycle can be predicted. We are currently in a period of increased solar activity that will be peaking around 2012. In other words, its easy to predict something that already has a good chance of occurring.

So it may not be smoking gun proof of the predictive power of crop circles, it's still interesting enough to make note of.

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