Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reality that you can't see

Reality is only what your mind perceives it to be. What you consider to be existence occurs in your mind. Your eyes don't really see, they just transmit light signals to your brain. Your ears don't really hear, they just transmit sound waves into your brain. Everything is interpreted in your brain. What's interesting is that our view of reality can be shaped by what our mind is told to think. For instance, hypnotists can hypnotize people and tell them that upon waking up, they won't be able to see someone. In some cases, the hypnotist will tell them they won't be able to see him/her (the hypnotist). Here is an example:

Here is another example. In this one, the girl not only seems to think the hypnotist is invisible, he has also convinced her that a stuffed monkey is alive and talking to her.

In one case I've heard about, a hypnotist told a man that his daughter would be invisible. When he woke up, he not only couldn't see his daughter standing in front of him, but he could read the inscription on a watch being held behind her back. Pretty amazing huh? Like I said in my recent article A Quest for Truth, the subconscious mind will believe whatever it is told. If it is told that someone is invisible, then the mind will no longer process the light waves bouncing off that person. Instead, it will process the light waves coming behind that person. So the reality around you does exist, but reality as you know it is only how your mind perceives it. So the next time you want a break from reality, just remember, the reality you think you know is all in how your mind perceives it anyways!


  1. Okay, I have to admit...I wish I could make a few people invisible permanently. I work in the medical field and misfirings in the brain and disease of the brain can cause so many alterations in reality that it's truly remarkable. I've been working on a theory that psychic abilities are seated in the autonomic system, particularly the sympathetic system. I do have psychic abilities and have been trying harder and harder to find the origin of them and I'm not entirely certain it's in the conscious mind at all. Fun stuff. I love your blog, by the way!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love yours too!