Monday, August 24, 2009

The All Seeing Crop Circle

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Another crop circle has appeared in Wiltshire. I don’t know whether it is a “hoax” or not, although my guess would be that it was made by people. But what I found interesting about this one was the imagery the circle makers used. It appears to be an image of an owl’s face with an image of the sun surrounding it. Almost like an owl with a halo. But being a fan of both Egyptian mythology and conspiracy theory, I also considered what the crop circle image may represent.

The Eye or Ra (or Horus) is an Egyptian symbol for the sun god and is also referred to as the “All Seeing Eye”.

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The Eye of Ra

The crop circle doesn’t actually incorporate the actual symbol known as the Eye of Ra, but the point is that it is a sun symbol and this crop circle incorporates an image of the sun as the background. As for the owl, the owl is used as a symbol of the Bohemian Club in California. The Bohemian Club is an “art” club of wealthy industrialists, military contractors, politicians, and other powerful people. They meet for a retreat at a place called Bohemian Grove every year for three weeks and perform a pagan/occult ceremony known as the “Cremation of Care”, where they sacrifice a human effigy to a 40-45 foot tall owl idol. In addition to being known as a symbol of wisdom, it is also said the owl is an “all seeing” symbol because owls have the ability to turn their heads all the way around. So this crop circle appears to be a combination of “All Seeing” symbols.

I don’t know whether or not the crop circle has any real significance, but I thought it was an interesting image nonetheless.


  1. What I love about these is what we see. I agree about the owl and the sun, but if I were a believer aliens did it, I'd say it looks like two look-alike planets each with its own moon, saying "hey, we come from a similar place."

  2. I thought the flattened part around the eyes looked a little bit like crescent moons, but that didn't seem to fit with the "All Seeing" theme, so I figured it might just be coincidence and decided not to mention it in the original post.