Monday, October 12, 2009

Mysterious 'Arcs'

I came across a video earlier that posed the question of who 'built' arc shaped plateaus at the center of four continents.  It also pointed out that the highest peak in the region was on the center line of each arc.  It also asked the question as to why blond haired people have been found around the area of each arc.

Here is the video:

Obviously this video is meant to be a teaser to try and get people to buy the book mentioned at the end.  One problem I have with the 'arcs' shown in the video is that if you take away the superimposed lines, the alleged arcs are not as visible anymore.  However, I did find the question about blonde people being found around the 'arcs' to be interesting.  I did some checking online, and apparently blond haired mummies have been found in China, and there are blond haired aborigines in Australia too.  Blonds being found in pre-colonial North America isn't necessarily interesting, as it is possible Scandinavian explorers could have introduced blondness into the native populations centuries before Columbus arrived.   The video didn't mention blond people being found in South America, but I looked anyways.   I didn't find any records of blond haired people, but there was a "fair-haired" tribe called the Chachapoyas that were white skinned. Interestingly, the Chachapoyas  mummified their dead.

I thought the material presented seemed highly speculative and may be attempting to make connections where no significant connection exists.  So I doubt I'll be buying the book, but I thought I would at least make note of it.  I'm curious to hear what other people think about this.

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  1. Those arcs are probably the result of cosmic-size lightening bolts. Before you dismiss such an idea, google "Thunderbolts of the Gods" and/or go to the "Thunderbolts" website and start exploring. You will see evidence of massive electrical activity all over the world. The fair-haired people probably moved in much later, and may have been seeking areas of the world with heightened telluric/electrical/magnetic/plasma activity (they all go together), which would have assisted them in their shamanic activities. Even today, mountain tops and other high places are sites of increased access to other states of conciousness due to heightened electrical activity, as are caverns and springs.