Thursday, October 22, 2009

The UFO Hunters return

On Thursday, October 29th, the History Channel is going to be showing four new episodes of UFO Hunters.  For whatever reason, they don't seem to be advertising the marathon much (yet).  I haven't seen any advertisements for it on TV and I haven't seen it mentioned on the History Channel's website.  The only places I've seen it mentioned is over at the Alien Casebook Frontier and on an article about Men in Black that references material that will be covered in one of the upcoming episodes.

I'm excited about all four episodes, but I'm really excited about the Men in Black (MIB) episode (the episode is named "The Silencers").  I think the MIB stories are very interesting, not just because men wearing black suits come and try to make sure someone stays silent about a UFO they saw, but because sometimes the MIB seem to behave in an unusual manner.  Sometimes they seem to be confused by everyday items such as pens or eating untensils, and sometimes they use outdated slang.  Sometimes they are threatening, other times they may try to convince the subject they didn't really see what they saw.  Some people think that the MIB are aliens themselves (at least some of them).  The MIB typically claim to come from some government agency and may provide identification, but when verification of their identities is sought later, there is no record of them.

You also have to wonder how many potential testimonies have been silenced by the MIB.  Hopefully the new episode of UFO Hunters will provide some new insights on the subject.

And if you like the show and haven't signed the petition to get the series renewed, go here and sign it.  To read synopsis' of the four new episodes on October 29th, go here.


  1. This is my source and really the only source one can really depend on, not to mention get it a month or more in advance.

    History Channel Schedule - Oct 25 - 31st

  2. Great! Thanks for posting this. Love the show. Didn't know about the four new shows.

  3. I have to admit--I was devastated to hear the show wasn't picked up again--these guys blew away any ghost detectives by doing their homework and seeking input from professionals. I have to admit their leader is a quack, but I love the guy-he's adorable. Everything is an alien to him. I liked the balance with the red-headed guy (sorry, never paid attention to their names which means they weren't selling their personalities like other shows but were being more like scientists---yahoo) always being the one who was the go-between and the skeptical guy was a fantastic balance--loved the addition to him near the end of the series. I love the men in black thing too. When I was a kid growing up in the DC area, we used to kid around about the secret service. They were always quite obvious, but there were amongst the men around the downtown area, some that were different. As kids we sensed it but couldn't explain what they were. We figured they were commies (hey, it was the 60s/70s). I look back and feel for certain that what we sensed about them that made them stick out was a "different" feel that wasn't right. Like when a dog inspects a stuffed animal and knows it's not another dog, but can't figure out what the heck it is. I think they were men in black. I really do.

  4. If you have any more stories about them Autumnforest, I'd love to hear them!

  5. Jeff;
    Yeah, I think I'll pursue that one. Heck, I wanted to do a UFO story for my Halloween Shorts and this might be just the way to introduce them in the way I'd like to see them portrayed... Expect that to be tomorrow's entry on my blog! Thanks for the idea--I'll definitely give you credit for that!