Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Balls of Light

I did a crop circle post a while back and mentioned that balls of light had been seen around crop circles - and even caught on video.  It's curious to me...what could they be?  Why are they there?  Are all the stories lies and all the video clips faked?

It's kind of become almost a cliche for a crop circle researcher or enthusiast to start the conversation about it with a little disclaimer about most crop circles (usually 90 or 95%) being hoaxes.  That's probably pretty accurate, especially when you consider that the majority of them appear in England.  But as I mentioned in my previous posting on the topic, some crop circles display some mysterious properties.  Why are EM fields detected around some of them?  Why do some them have evidence of microwave radiation?

I don't know that these properties are necessarily evidence of being something other than man-made.  However, if they are mad-made, they are obviously using more than just boards and rope.  Another question would be, why are they making these designs?  How do they come up with and decide what designs to use?  And what tools are they using to make them that leave microwave radiation?

And what's the deal with these little balls of light people report seeing?  Should we be trying to figure out what the crop circle means, or trying to figure out what the balls of light are?  Or both?

Here's a crop circle documentary that describes some of the more mysterious aspects of the phenomena and has some film clips of the balls of light.  It's 50 minutes long.

Whatever you think they are, keep in mind that just because something can be hoaxed, doesn't mean it's always hoaxed.


  1. Yup! That was a great post! As a ghost hunter, I can find explanations easily for 95% of occurrences, but it's the 5% that defies all logic--that's the part that keeps me going. I saw a documentary one time where a team of MIT students were sent to a field to create a cropcircle and also had to shoot radiation out to leave behind the Geiger counter signature. It was really intriguing. They showed that to get all the effects found in a few of the crop circles is ridiculously impossible. One thing about England having so many crop circles and strange lights that intrigues me is the extremely high limestone content in the land in England. That is the very same geologic condition most often associated with hauntings and strange lights. Why is that significant? Still don't know... but I'm coming up with a theory that I hope to present on my blog soon. I used to just laugh when I heard about UFOs and aliens and crop circles. There are some aspects of the paranormal that I absolutely did not believe in at all, but with more time and more information I've found commonalities in reports and experiences that makes me much more open-minded to the concepts. Oh, and having seen a few absolute UFOs myself, I definitely believe in their existence. Whether they're from another planet...still up in the air. This is what I love about seeking knowledge. When I get enough information, I finally form an opinion. Crop circles are definitely in that arena for me. Thanks for the great post--I can always count on you for mental stimulation.

  2. Yeah, another thing that video I included brought up is how intricate patterns appear in nature also, such as flower shapes and colors. It's interesting to think it could be a natural phenomena too.

  3. this phenomenon amazes me. they are just so intricate and precise. i don't know what to make of it. another great mystery

  4. Orbs baffle and intrigue me. Some places do seem more conducive to capturing them on film.