Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just a thought...

I've never experienced an "astral projection" (at least not that I can recall) and don't know a whole lot about it, but I do consider it to be a possibility and more than just someone having a vivid dream.

I saw an astral projection FAQ page, and I don't know if the author of the page is credible or not, but one of the questions and its answer on the page piqued my curiosity.  Here it is:

You had said that there is an image of every physical object in the astral. Can you touch or change a particular object in the astral? Say, if it is a piece of paper, can you write? If you can, will it be in the altered condition when you return to the physical world? 
 The astral counterpart is exactly that. For example, once in the astral, I picked up a lipstick and drew something on the bathroom mirror, but it was not there in the physical. I have heard of cases where electric objects can be affected by the astral. All things can be changed in the astral but whether they will be changed in the physical depends on how close vibrationally you are to the physical. I have read that things exist in the astral because of our thoughts, and how long that remains in the astral depends on how much it is thought about. For example, mass religion may construct a "heaven" which becomes almost a permanent place in the astral because of so many millions of continual thoughts; whereas the lipstick I drew on the mirror will not be there after a few hours. That is why you can sometimes see furniture in your room that is not your own. It is probably the previous owner's furniture, which has its own imprint that has remained, and will take months to years to fade.
Again, I can't vouch for how credible that answer might be, but let's just take it into consideration for a moment.

Now, before we go any further, think back to the ancient Egyptians and their burial practices (the kings in particular).  When we think of the Egyptians, we often think of what a magnificent civilization they were.  We marvel at their accomplishments and their amazing architectural skills that still remain a mystery today.  The ancient Egyptians seemingly appeared out of no where in the historical record as an already advanced civilization.  There's little evidence of their progression from primitive to advanced.

But when we think of their burial practices and how they included all sorts of treasures and objects that they thought their dead kings would need in the afterlife, we often think of them from a perspective of 'oh those silly old ancient peoples and their hokey rituals'.

Now, with the above question and answer in mind, could it be that the ancient Egyptians thought their kings would be able to use the 'image' of the physical objects they placed in their tombs?  If so, then going by what the author of that FAQ page said, it would explain how the dead king would be able to use the objects, while the objects appeared to remain physically intact and in place.

If so, then I guess maybe the old burial rituals the Egyptians used might not be as silly as we thought they were.  Of course, presumably the dead king's spirit wouldn't be limited to just hanging around his tomb, so the ritual of putting the objects in his tomb would have still been kind of pointless.  However, I thought it was an interesting thought to consider that maybe the dead kings spirits  might have actually been using the objects in their tomb!


  1. Brilliant post! I really really liked this subject a lot. I have astrally projected from my body, but hovering only a foot or so above me. However, recently I had an astral projection in my sleep which apparently had me appearing at a blogger friend's home in Greece! We both saw each other and spoke and were able to describe the same event occurring on the same night. I've often believed that dreams are nothing more than astral projections into another realm where we can be in a scene but not actually contribute to the scene. When I was in Greece, I had the sense as if I were fixed in liquid gel and my ability to interact physically was something I understood I couldn't do, hence I didn't offer my hand to the woman upon meeting her. I also knew that when she would give me directions to a place I wanted to see, I would will myself there rather than actually move. I have done some sleepwalking in the past and actually did interact with real objects. One time I got up and put a chicken from the freezer into the oven and went back to bed. About 3 days later the stench of rotting flesh was driving me nuts. I found the wrapped chicken in the cold oven. I like the concept that we can interact with these objects but not actually make an impression on them, like the lipstick on the mirror. This is very much the sort of interact I've seen in ghostly encounters. I have seen objects levitate on their own as well as get thrown, but I've also seen glimmers of a figure and objects that weren't part of the present room. In fact, one time, I was talking to someone and walking towards a doorway to leave only to realize when I came upon it that it was the wall. I had very clearly seen an old glass doorknob and the old skeleton key lock set. I later did some research to find out there used to be a back door there that newer owners had removed. This explanation intrigues me too because one concept I have trouble getting over with in the ghost hunting world is...why can't they consistently speak, make movements, knock things over??? It would seem to take a great deal of spiritual concentration to create telekinesis since with no solid body you could only will things with your intention. Jeff, this was another great subject!

  2. great post indeed and autumn, loved your comment as well. i have not experienced any of the this, so i can't add anything. but i find it fascinating all the same.

  3. Yeah...Autumnforest, I remember you mentioning your astral travel and meeting one of your blogger friend's in the astral projection...and I was particularly looking forward to a comment from you about this because of it. It's interesting to think that ghosts may be trying to interact with us at times and we don't even know it. They could write on the wall and we wouldn't notice it. And now that I think about it, if some ghosts have a tendency to hang around a place they were familiar with in life (not a residual, but an actual intelligent, sentient ghost), then it might make a little more sense why they hang around. If they are still interacting with the 'image' of objects they used in life, then being a ghost may not seem all that much different to them. Plus it explains why people typically don't notice objects being moved around (of course, sometimes people do see objects being moved, but the 'image' of an object may be getting moved around a lot more often than we realize).

    And Marbella, I don't know all that much about the subject either...but it is fascinating!