Monday, January 4, 2010

An Interview with Dr. Charles Tart

I found an interview with Dr. Charles Tart, a Psychology Professor with an impressive academic resume, where he answers questions regarding his views on science and spirituality.  I was very impressed by the interview, so I'm posting a link to it for anyone interested in reading it.

Read the interview here: An Interview with Dr. Charles Tart (original link is no longer available, see this link instead)


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  1. Yeah, that's something really worthy of talking about. I run into this problem in my own life with people I know. There's a huge dichotomy. Those who have religious beliefs which tell them what is "truth" and what is "not truth" and are afraid to question those boundaries by learning about evolution and other explanations offered by science. Then, I know the folks who are completely science-based with no belief system whatsoever and no spirituality whatsoever. There is no "unknown" to them and they will dispute it as vigorously as a religious person might dispute evolution. Then, there's folks like me that see religion as the prostitution of spirituality. I am very science-oriented, but also know we don't have all the answers. I am a very spiritually-based person but that does not mean I need or would believe in the concept of a robbed man in heaven, but I have very strong ethics and morals and treat others with extreme kindness and compassion. You can be spiritual and science-based at the same time. In fact, the more you learn about science, the more you know nothing is a fluke. The problem today is that people are removed from any perspective on what's important and what they expect of themselves and their place in the world and have lost belief in tomorrow and the next day and the next--are spiritually empty. My hope is that during these humbling times people are finally losing superficiality and clinging to family and kindness and compassion. It's really a self-adjusting mechanism.

  2. Thanks for posting the link, Jeff. Good stuff there. Insightful comment, Autumn. I'm with you on organized religion as the prostitution of spirituality. What an apt way to put it.