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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Quick Synchronicity

Earlier this evening I was at a friend's (who's also a co-worker) house, and I mentioned that I saw the receptionist where we work earlier in the day.  Right after I said that, he asked, "At Wal-Mart?"  And I said yes, and asked him how he knew I saw him (the receptionist) at Wal-Mart (and this isn't a small town, there's plenty of other places I might have seen him).  He answered by just saying that he had seen him at Wal-Mart before,  which really doesn't make much sense, considering that just because he had seen him at Wal-Mart before doesn't mean that Wal-Mart is where I saw him, but I guess it was just the first thing that came to his mind.

But get this...while we were having this conversation, a Wal-Mart commercial came on TV.  I don't really see any significant meaning to it, but what are the odds of that occurring?


  1. That is so wickedly cool! Don't you wish you could figure out how it all came together? I sometimes think it's either a background of high psychic signals or the syndrome when one learns a new word and then suddenly hears it everywhere when they swear they never heard it before. I wonder if the ancients had those moments often and that's what inspired the building of monuments and the single-minded obsession with the stars. Such a goosebump feeling!

  2. Love these moments - they might not ever make any sense to me, but I notice them and appreciate them - I can't prove it, but I do think they are hints of the underlying interconnectedness of everything.

  3. They always remind us of the mystery of life.

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