Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sky Circles

Colin Andrews is famous as a crop circle researcher, but apparently he doesn't just limit himself to investigating crop circles.  He's also finding circles in the sky apparently.  He posted on his blog yesterday (January 16th, 2010) a link to pictures of a strange circle that appeared on weather satellite images over Australian.  As of today (January 17th, 2010), he is still investigating what caused the circle.  He's considered the possibility that it might be caused by HAARP, but he is still waiting (as of today) for a response from the Australian government's weather bureau to see if they have an explanation.  Of course, if it was HAARP, I doubt they would actually tell you that it was HAARP.

If you want to see if Andrews posts any updates on the circle, you can visit his blog here.  You can also see pictures of the circle in question on his website here.


  1. After seeing the image, my immediate thought is that it's a malfunction of the imaging. It's too symmetric to seem like something man-caused even by machinery. Still, I'd like to blame HAARP for a lot of things until they come clean (and you know they won't). We have no way of knowing what days they're firing it up and where they're directing it, but if they were trying experiments over Australia to see what effects they can cause, I'd be looking at their recent weather...

  2. Yeah, it might be an imaging malfunction. If you go to the article on his website and scroll to the bottom and click the link that says 'Other similar circles', he has a couple of other similar pictures and some pictures of circular cloud formations. The pictures could all potentially be imaging errors though. The cloud formations are rather unusual though.