Friday, February 19, 2010

Green Screens

Remember back when Hollywood producers wanted a certain type of background for a scene and they couldn't film on location somewhere so they just built a set or put a big picture of the background they wanted behind the actors?

Well, thanks to green screens, producers can just insert a background onto raw footage now.  I used to think that green screens were mostly relegated to inserting computer generated imagery into sci-fi and fantasy films, but after watching the video embedded below, I realized green screens are fairly common in other stuff too.


  1. Fantastic find! I have to admit that I've often wondered how they can get out on streets with weekly shows and film--it usually involves extras and closing streets... I'm not sure if the technology means that we're gullible to not notice that the background has wind but the actors don't, or if the actors are tremendously good at their craft because their make-believe world is COMPLETELY make believe now.

  2. Jackie has a picture with Shamu that we had done at Sea World when she was 3. She's actually shown sitting on him and riding him like a cowboy rides a horse with one hand in the air as if a cowboy lassoing cattle. That was done with her sitting on a wood horse (the construction type) and a green screen. A real keepsake. She's almost 19 now so that means that green screens have been in use for over 16 years. Yea, we've been duped for a very long time. lol

    A Universal Studio Tour shows you more than you need to know too. Fortunately, the mind turns off what you know or found out as to not ruin your next movie experience. I would love to be a part of the actual filming crew that travels the world for needed shots that replace the green screen. Now that would be a cool job. See the world on the bosses dime.

    Universal is a must do for everyone if they're ever going to So. Cal or Orlando. And then of course the mall - dang! 'Universal Walk' - the greatest outside mall I've ever been to - attached to Universal's theme park.

    I miss So.Cal so bad. Somebody please get me out of Texas. :)