Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pawn Stars

In a post I did a while back about UFO Hunters being canceled, I ranted about the History Channel canceling UFO Hunters but letting reality shows about loggers and truckers who drive on icy roads stay on.  A single documentary about logging or truckers who drive on icy roads might be interesting.  But a whole entire series with multiple seasons?  I don't think it's that interesting.

But I also mentioned Pawn Stars in that post, another History Channel show.  At the time, I said I thought the show was "mildly interesting," but not something worth making a point to watch.  

Well, I've changed my mind.  I think the show is great.  And I do try to make a point to watch it now.  

You see, when I first heard about the show, I made the mistake of assuming that it was just going to be another reality show and I wasn't really interested in watching a reality show about working in a pawn shop.  When I wrote that previous post, I think I had probably only seen one or two episodes at the time, and I was still basing my opinion of the show on a preconceived notion.  After watching more episodes, I realized the show wasn't just a reality show about working in a pawn shop.  The show does have a reality style format, but it isn't just about working in a pawn shop; it is actually about some of the interesting items that get brought into the pawn shop.  And many of the items that get featured on the show are historical items (which I guess is how it fits in to being a show on the History Channel).  

The pawn shop is owned and managed by Rick Harrison along with his father Richard, known as the "Old Man," and his son, Corey, known as "Big Hoss."  They each help to make the show more entertaining in their own way.  Richard is a crotchety but adorable old man, Rick is outgoing and funny, and Corey is, well, actually Corey can be rather annoying, but many of the segments that feature Cory also feature his friend Chumlee, who's an employee of the shop.  Chumlee fits into the roll of 'big doofus', and often adds some additional comedy relief to the show.  

The Harrisons are knowledgeable about many of the items that get brought into the shop, but if someone brings in an item they don't know much about, they'll bring in an expert.  Whether the item is an old gun, a medieval jousting helmet, or a treasure chest, you'll get to learn something about the item and possibly find out if it is authentic or a reproduction.  You also get to learn what an estimated monetary value for the items is and watch as the shop owners haggle with the item owners for a sale price.  

So I'm glad I decided to give the show a chance.  At the moment, it's probably the best show on the History Channel.  

I still wish they'd bring back UFO Hunters though.    J


  1. Well, knowing how I feel about relics and artifacts and touching them--my palms itch every time I watch that show. This dad and grandpa throw ethics into a normally unethical business in the middle of Vegas. They really seem to love what they do too which is cool. I love when the can tell when someone has stolen stuff. They are so sharp and yet so adorably innocent in the middle of all the vice.

  2. Yeah, I like it when they point out the differences between reproductions and authentic historical items. They seem to be very knowledgeable.

  3. I'm with you, Jeff. Bring back UFO Hunters.

    word verification for this one is funny: galatio - sounds like, galatic?

  4. You seem to have good luck with interesting word verifications. I never notice anything interesting, but then again, I usually just type the letters and go.

  5. UFO hunters was a terrible show, along with Ice Road Truckers. Axe men though is a good show that should not be knocked. I have to say Pawn Stars is a very interesting show but Im tired of some of the old mans sayings such as Stone Cold say it once and forget about it also learn to talk without sounding like a slurring drunk. Corey shouldnt be Big Hoss it should be Fat cow they should pretty much just show Ric and Chum the other two are annoying and should not even be on tv Big Hoss is annoying to even look at