Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alien Teachers Too?

In a post I wrote titled 'Elusive Aliens: Are They Watchers?', I compared a modern theory suggesting that ET aliens remain elusive because they are merely here to observe us with the story of the Watchers from the Book of Enoch.  The Watchers were angelic beings who were apparently supposed to just 'watch' us.  Eventually, some of the Watchers betrayed their duty and began intermingling with humans.  As I mentioned before, the Book of Enoch says the fallen Watchers taught men things such as cosmetics, building weapons, astrology, and writing.  When I wrote about that in my previous post though, it didn't occur to me at the time to mention that the fallen Watchers teaching men new things bears a resemblance to another modern theory about aliens -- a theory that suggests the rapid advancements in technology over the last century are the result of aliens from an advanced technological society secretly working with governments and people in power to teach them how to develop new technologies (or, alternatively, the government is secretly reverse engineering crashed alien spacecraft).  This also bears resemblance to the ancient Greek story of Prometheus, who defied Zeus and taught men to make fire.

So it seems that the modern theory suggesting aliens are assisting men in developing new technologies is not really all that modern afterall.  Modernized perhaps, but not really a modern concept.

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  1. Another fun and thoughtful post. I love the way you give us info and then toss it out to see what we do with it.

    That's really cool about the Watchers and it just begs to be made into a creepy short story... I have some friends who take the Bible as a story about God being an alien and seeding the Earth and the Watchers being aliens studying how we're developing on this planet compared to other civilizations which apparently could grow one way or the other, some more spiritual, others into the arts, others at war, and yet others into technology. It's a fun and lighthearted theory but what I find interesting is how much man seems to believe in a greater being, alien beings, and ancient knowledge. It seems like when a theme runs that often throughout the age of humanity, it's either hardwired into his brain or its old knowledge passed on. With my love of theories, it's always exciting conjecture.

  2. Great post. Considering the techie advances of just the last 20-40 years, help from elsewhere makes sense. My daughter, born in 1989, has never known a world with cell phones or the internet or Google, microwaves or WiFi, dishwashers or cable TV. And that's just for starters.

  3. Yeah, sometimes I like to just throw stuff out there just to get people thinking. Too often do people settle for being told what to think, I think people should think for themselves more often.

    Although sometimes I just throw stuff out there because I don't have as much free time now as I used to when I first started blogging here. Sometimes I just write until I feel I've said enough to make the point I'm trying to get across and just leave it at that.

    I don't think of God as an 'alien', but the Watchers may be some type of extra-terrestrials. I don't know if they are flesh and blood or not. They may be spiritual beings. But I say intelligent life is intelligent life, regardless of whether or not it is made of flesh and blood. The case for whether or not angels are aliens may just be a case of semantics. Sometimes I wonder if we as a society are getting closer to truth or further from it. Sometimes I wonder if the ancients weren't closer to the truth than we are.

    MacGregors, it does seem as though technology has advanced a lot over just the last 40 years...and who knows how much more advanced top secret technologies the government has are!