Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If plants were self-aware, would they believe in us?

I was thinking about the limitations plants have compared to us.  Plants are alive and interact with the world in their own way; flowers open their petals towards sunlight and (some) trees lose their leaves in the fall.

Plants do not have eyes though, so they cannot 'see' like we do.  As such, they do not even have a concept of what 'sight' is.  And, unlike a person who was born blind, plants cannot understand spoken language either, so we can't just tell them what 'sight' is.

We walk amongst the plants, yet they cannot 'see' us walking amongst them.  A plant may have some sense of our existence amongst them when we touch them and talk to them (hey, some people say talking to plants makes them grow healthier), but, presumably, they have no idea what we look like or what our intentions are.

So, after thinking about that, I wondered whether or not there could be another sense that we are not even aware of?  A plant would have no concept of sight and no idea there is even a such thing as sight, so what if there is some other type of sense that we have no concept of either?  What all may be going on around us that we are not even aware of?  What if ghosts, earth spirits, extra-terrestrials, demons, angels or any combination of the aforementioned were able to walk among us without us 'seeing' them simply because we do not have the sense needed to 'see' them?  Some people who have a 'sixth sense' are sometimes able to sense the presence of such entities and sometimes even communicate with them on some level.  But what if the sixth sense could be stronger?  And what if there is a seventh sense we do not even have a concept of?

There are some people, who if you tell them there are spirits walking amongst us, they won't believe you.  Makes you wonder that if plants could talk to each other and one plant tried to tell some other plants that some sort of intelligent beings walk amongst them, would the other plants believe it?


  1. Wow-I love the avenues your mind takes. Very twisting and interesting paths! It sounds like the movie "The Happening" by M. Knight. I loved the concept of the movie with the plants being able to kills us. I can't help but believe in sixth sense, as I practice it all the time. It's hard to explain to people what it means, but it's sort of like closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and opening up to the signals around you like a radio and radio signals. The phenomenon of shadowpeople has fascinated me for years. I think I'm ready to write about that one again. There's a theory that we never saw them before because our eyes couldn't perceive them. People who see shadowpeople say that they act startled as if they didn't know the people could see them, then they disappear quickly. My son had such an encounter with a friend. They both saw it dart (3-feet tall) behind an altar. When they checked the altar, they found out it was attached to the wall. It later came out and peeked around the corner at them. The theory is that with modern day computers and TVs with screens that reload quickly, our eyes are adjusting in new ways and our vision evolving. Now, we see them out of the corner of our eye and then briefly as we turn our heads. Eventually, we might see them all the time. I'm intrigued by these theories. Yes, there are so many different ways to perceive the world and it's layers that it's mind boggling. I hope our senses evolve to handle the layers of the universe. In fact, one of my theories in ghost hunting is that they could be a life form that evolved along with man, only this one is not visible to our eyes. Hmm...

  2. Very interesting story...I think I remember reading it on your blog before. I wonder why they would act surprised and run away...I wonder why they wouldn't want to be seen?


    Jeff, check this link out--interesting--maybe plants are after us!

  4. Interesting. Kind of creepy. But