Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chariots of Light?

Back in August of 2009, I wrote a post about a UFO sighting of my own titled Chariots of Fire.   I described the UFOs as looking like two fireballs zipping around the sky and used the Biblical story of Elijah and Elisha being separated by a chariot of fire as the inspiration for the title of that post (though, for the record, I didn't actually see horses or an actual chariot, they really just looked like two glowing fireballs from my vantage point).

I've been reading about UFOs for years and have seen many videos of UFO sightings.  Despite that, I've never really come across video footage of a sighting that I thought was similar to what I saw....up until now.  Video footage of a UFO sighting over Geelong, Australia posted on the Geelong, Advertiser is similar to what I saw.

What's similar is the patterns of movement.  These objects are able to move in a way that publicly known conventional aircraft cannot.  The video footage is around seven minutes long, and in this case, the zoomed out shots are actually the best shots because the footage is to shaky when the cameraman zooms in.  The best footage comes from around the two minute mark on, where the footage is mostly zoomed out and you can really get a good view of how these objects move around.  There are two UFOs visible in this video, and two is how many I saw also, although I don't know if that is even a significant.  A notable difference though, between my sighting and the sighting filmed in this footage, is the color of the UFOs.  The objects I saw were a glowing reddish-orange color, but the UFOs in this video look like balls of white light.

 I think the UFOs I saw moved around a little more than these did, but the speed and type of movements these objects were capable of doing is similar to what I saw. I haven't figured out what those fireballs were I saw, and I'm not sure what these are either. But as you can see, they don't move like any publicly known conventional aircraft.

This is one time that I don't feel the need to question whether the sighting and footage is authentic or not -- I know that something exists which is capable of moving around like these objects seen in the above video.  I'm just not sure what they are.


P.S.  I've heard the objects in the video may be remote controlled airplanes.  However, I'm fairly sure what I saw myself were larger than remote controlled airplanes, as I remember seeing one go behind a cloud on the horizon.  Regardless of what the lights are in this footage, the movements still remind me of the UFOs I saw.


  1. That's a tough one. My first instinct was that they were meterorites and depending on if they were heading towards you coming into the atmosphere they could change size and movement, but these don't seem to fizzle out. In some ways it reminded me of the Phoenix Lights for shape and location to each other. I live in the desert and we see UFOs very regularly here and I have to say those are one type I haven't seen. Pretty cool.

  2. When I first saw the first one years ago (I didn't see the second one right away), I thought it was an airplane that had caught on fire and was crashing -- despite the speed the objects were capable of, at first, I thought it was 'falling' to slow to be a meteorite -- which I have seen before. But when it flew back up into the sky, that's when I realized the object wasn't falling but flying. That's also when I realized I was seeing something unique because crashing planes and meteorites don't fly back up in the sky.

    And yeah, whatever they are, they seem to be pretty rare. As I said, this is the first time I've come across footage of something similar.

  3. Don't know what you saw out there, but I must humbly correct a very common mistake people make about how Elijah was taken up, he did not go up in the fiery chariot as many people believe, he was taken up in a whirlwind (read it for yourself). I feel the fiery chariot served 2 purposes, first it split Elijah and Elisha apart (asunder), then it might have been meant to be a distraction for Elisha, if Elisha witnessed Elijah being taken from the earth, then he would get the double portion of God's spirit as promised by Elijah, if you had been there and saw a sight like that, what would YOU be looking at? :)

    Yeah, I know it's a technical point, chances are the whirlwind was a byproduct of the chariot flying through or perhaps it was some sort of beam energy that came from one of the chariots that pulled Elijsh inside.


  4. Actually, I'm very glad you pointed that out Wretha! I should have known better and I'm a little embarrassed by that mistake because of just finished rereading the 2 Kings the other day. I'm going to correct it in the post...thanks for point that out.

  5. Don't be embarrassed, it's a very common mistake, I've even seen Bibles with pictures of Elijah going up in a chariot of fire.