Thursday, April 15, 2010

Destination Truth didn't ask enough questions in Petra

In last night's (4/14/10) episode of Destination Truth, the team went to the ruins of Petra in Jordan to search for djinns (a type of spirit, which is the word that our word "genie" is derived from).  At one point, Josh was doing an EVP session and asked out loud if anyone was there with them, and almost immediately afterward, the team heard what sounded like a voice saying "yes."  This wasn't something they heard on the recording after the fact, they actually heard the "yes" out loud.

For some reason, they seemed to be content with just getting that "yes."  You'd think that if someone asked if anyone was around and someone -- whether it's a person, djinn, or something else -- responds, they'd ask for more details.  Instead of settling for a single answer to a question, they should have also asked other questions such as who it was, why it was hanging around Petra, can it grant wishes, etc.  For all they knew at the time, it might have just been a lost tourist wandering near them!

I love Destination Truth, Josh's sarcasm as well as the adventures the team goes on seeking the truth about the unknown give it a real-life Indiana Jones feel that makes for a very entertaining show.  But I think they might have dropped the ball at Petra.  They should have asked more questions!

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  1. Seriously! I think what probably happened is the site was so awesome, they cut down the video to show more of the location and cut out more of the EVP sessions. I'm sure they did more talking than that, but covering all that ground in a half-hour segment was a real nasty task. I wish they'd just do one-hour episodes of one place. Puh-lease!