Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rough Talk and a Big Stick

Stephen Wagner at's  Paranormal Phenomena  posted a link to an NBC news clip about a bigfoot sighting in the mountains of North Carolina.  What I found most interesting about this alleged sighting is how the witness, Tim Peeler, dealt with the situation.  Instead of running scared or hiding, Peeler "rough talked him and runned him off."  The bigfoot returned, and Peeler apparently ran him off again using a big stick.

So who knew you could run off a bigfoot with rough talk and a big stick?

This might also be the first time I've heard a bigfoot described as having "beautiful hair."


  1. Well, I have heard that if you're confronted by a bear, it's helpful to stand up on a fallen tree or something to make yourself tall and then swing your arms and yell and such and make him believe you are bigger and more badass, so maybe that's what this sweet little old gentleman did. More than likely if it was BF, he probably just left cause the man looked insane. However, the hills of NC could potentially harbor one. I think I'd like to be BF there, especially when the fall colors come. It's lovely countryside.

  2. Yeah, I've heard that making yourself look bigger can work with some other animals too.