Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A couple of odd Google search phrases

I like to look at the visitor statistics for my blog sometimes and see what keywords people used when they find my blog via Google.  Most of the keywords used to find my blog make sense.  One of the most visited posts I have had recently was my post about Zahi Hawass' TV show.  That post comes up high on the listings for search phrases like 'zahi hawass reality show' (as of the time of this posting anyways).

Given the topic and title of that post, I can understand why that post would show up in the Google results for that keyword search, and I don't think it's odd that someone would be doing a search using that phrase.

But a couple of other search phrases that people have been using recently are a little odd and somewhat amusing to me.

For example, sometimes my post about the TV show Pawn Stars gets hits from people using search phrases like 'is richard harrison of pawn stars jewish' (or other similar variations of that).  I've seen that search or a variant of it come up numerous times.  The word 'Jewish' doesn't even show up my post about Pawn Stars, but that post comes up in Google search results for that phrase because I have 'Jewish history' listed as an interest of mine in the About me section on my page.  So because Google sees 'pawn stars' and 'Jewish' on the same page, my post shows up high on the listings for those search terms.

What I don't get is why so many people have been searching for that.  I don't know why they even care.  But for what it's worth, I don't know if the pawn stars are Jewish or not.  I don't know what religion they are or if they even have any religion.  Now, if anyone does another search using that phrase, I wonder if this post will come up higher in the listings than my Pawn Stars post.

Another search phrase people have found my blog with recently is 'rough talk him and run him off' (or similar variants).  It leads them to my post titled Rough Talk and Big Stick.  The post includes a video of a man who claimed to see a Bigfoot in North Carolina and said he "rough talked him and runned him off."  I understand why someone would find my post using those search terms, but it's just funny to me that so many people have been searching for that phrase.

And, just for laughs, if you want to read some funny Google Suggest results, click here.

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  1. You crack me up, Jeff. I love the way your mind wanders and you come across interesting info. You keep me on my toes.