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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Syfy pretty much sucks now

Up until this afternoon, Syfy was one of my favorite networks...not so much anymore though.  After finding out that the network has canceled Stargate Universe, my interest in the network has dropped considerably.  So much so, that I may not even bother watching anymore shows on the network...at least for a while. I was already upset with the network for canceling Caprica, now they've canceled my favorite show on top of that.

Other shows that I've watched and enjoyed on Syfy are Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, Destination Truth, Hollywood Treasure, and Warehouse 13.  But I may not be watching these shows anymore.  Fact or Faked has been mediocre and Warehouse 13 is just so-so.  Hollywood Treasure has been good, but I'm just not sure I even want to watch these shows anymore.  One of the main reasons I watched the Syfy network is because of the Stargate franchise.  Stargate Universe (SGU) was the third of three Stargate TV shows.  To me, the Stargate series is sort of like a flagship series of the Syfy network.  Sure, there's been 17 seasons of episodes between the three shows, which is more than most shows ever go for, but SGU had so much more potential for storytelling.  They tried to keep it fresh, by making the show a drama instead of an action-adventure like the previous two series...but I suppose that may have contributed to it's demise in a way.  Some people wanted the show to be more like its two predecessors.

Nevertheless, cancelling SGU as well as Caprica has made me lose interest in the Syfy network.  The new stuff they have coming out, such as Being Human, doesn't even sound that interesting.  It may have been interesting enough to watch when SGU was between seasons, but I don't think it's interesting enough to keep me interested in watching the Syfy network without SGU.  I don't know that I'm interested in keeping up with any of these shows anymore.  I watched Syfy because of Stargate.  These other shows were just shows I watched because I saw them advertised and thought they looked good.  They don't look so good anymore.

The only other show on Syfy now that I really like is Destination Truth.  But I'm not sure that I even want to watch that anymore.  Maybe I'll just watch it on Hulu instead.

Come to think of it, television in general has been starting to suck lately.  NBC had a series called Persons Unknown over the summer that I liked, but it didn't do well and won't be returning.  ABC had a decent show called FlashForward that won't be coming back either.  And, of course, my favorite show ever, Lost, is over too.

I guess at least the History channel still has a few good shows.  Whether or not I'll be tuning into the Syfy network again after this season of SGU ends remains to be seen.  

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