Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is there anything we could teach aliens?

Sometimes I wonder what an advanced alien race might be like.  Would they be like we see them in movies and on TV?  Would they be technologically advanced with spaceships capable of crossing great distances?  Or would they be spiritually advanced?  Would an advanced alien race have mastered things like telepathy and remote viewing?  Would they even be made of flesh and blood?  Would they be completely spiritual in nature, capable of crossing vast distances due to not being made of flesh and blood and not necessarily needing things like atmosphere to breathe?  Or maybe they would be like Superman, made of flesh and blood but still capable of flying at high speeds.

Personally, I tend to think an advanced alien race would be more spiritual in nature, but it may be possible that both technologically advanced and spiritually advanced aliens could exist.  Some might even be advanced in both categories.  

Some people wonder what an advanced alien race could teach us, but if we were visited by an alien race, is there anything that we could teach them?

That question crossed my mind the other day when I was watching an episode of ABC's V.   In V, the aliens, known as "Vistors" (or just Vs), have come to earth portraying themselves as a benevolent alien race bringing gifts and sharing knowledge.  In reality though, they have sinister intentions and seek to exploit humanity (possibly for breeding purposes...which I think is the direction the series is going in).  The Vs tend to be emotionless, and don't really understand human emotion.  They begin to think that human emotion may come from the soul, a concept they seem to be unfamiliar with.  In the episode I was watching, the Vs attempted an experiment to extract a soul from a person, despite the man's pleas for the experiment not to be carried out.  So I thought, instead of begging for mercy, the guy should have attempted to exploit the Vs apparent lack of knowledge of what a soul is.  He should have tried convincing them  that he was an expert in the subject of what the soul is and offered to teach them about it.  Maybe then they would have let him go.

Now if we were visited by aliens that were not sinister, no one would need to attempt to exploit their lack of knowledge of what a soul is.  But is there anything we could teach a truly benevolent alien race?  Sure, we could give them a history lesson, but is there anything else?  If the aliens were technologically advanced and non-spiritual in nature, then perhaps we could teach them something about spirituality.  Of course, humans have widely differing views on spirituality, but if the aliens were oblivious to concepts such as the soul and psychic phenomena, then maybe we could teach them a little something about that.  

If the aliens were already spiritually advanced, then there probably isn't much we could teach them.  What would aliens who have mastered telepathy need with cell phones?  Many of our technologies may seem kind of backwards to them.  

Ultimately though, unless we actually are visited by a race of aliens, it's difficult to know whether or not there is anything we could teach them.  Until we see what they already know, we won't know if there is anything we can teach them.

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