Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zahi Hawass, back already!

The other day it was reported that Zahi Hawass lost his job in Egypt as Minister of Antiquities.  Now it is being reported that he is already back to work.

That didn't take long!


Here is another article I found about it.

This is an excerpt from that article:

Hawass is known for his cheerful spirit, and a closet full of cowboy hats he passes to foreign dignitaries as they come through Egypt. He even gave American President Barack Obama one of those hats.
Despite his jolly spirit, archaeologists, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of permits to dig in the country, which all go through Hawass, tell Bikya Masr a different, behind-the-scenes reality.
“He has a huge temper,” began one archaeologist. “If you don’t agree with him, he simply screams at you and threatens to remove your funding.”

That sounds like a good description of him!

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