Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Siri...too bad we don't have a starship to put it on

So this isn't really a tech blog, but I saw the video today for Siri, Apple's new personal assistant app that is going to debut on the iPhone 4S.  This isn't the first personal assistant app for a phone nor is it the first one with voice recognition.  But if it works as good as it does the video, it may be the best one yet.  You can check it on Apple's website here: http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/siri.html.

It looks so good, it actually reminds me of the onboard 'computer' from a Star Trek starship.  The voice sounds overly robotic, but the things you can say to it remind me of people talking to the computer on Star Trek.  We've come a long ways in the past couple of decades with technology.  Our computers already look better than the computer terminals on a Star Trek starship.  We have wireless communications.  Will we ever have starships to put them on?  Of course, we still don't have a holodeck, replicators, or matter stream transporters, so maybe we still have a ways to go.  Who know's what's next?

But speaking of the holodeck....that reminds me...check out this video (at least skip to the 30 second mark if you want to see what about it reminded me of the holodeck).

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