Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why are so many potentially paranormal videos still out of focus?

So I came across a purported video of a wooly mammoth today -- an animal that is supposedly extinct.  The report came from The Sun in the UK (not to be confused with the US supermarket tabloid simply called Sun). I guess it could kind of look like a wooly mammoth, but it is so out of focus, it could also simply be an elephant.  Another theory is that it is a bear with a fish hanging out of it's mouth...which is most likely what it really is (or CGI).

I just don't get why whenever something like this pops up, it's almost always out of focus. I can kind of understand some UFOs being out of focus because they tend be so far away, but video recording technology has progressed enough that I would think it should be easy enough for most people to take videos that are actually in focus. Even a lot of cell phone video cameras can take clear video..particularly the high end smart phone models. So why is the internet still getting out of focus paranormal videos?

But then again, if a video of a bear carrying a fish in its mouth was actually clear and in focus...I guess it wouldn't have been newsworthy, would it?  Maybe that's why paranormal videos are so often out of focus...out of focus videos are the only ones people misidentify as paranormal.

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