Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Future Tech

I came across a Google project today called Project Glass.  I'm pretty tech savvy and like being able to stay connected with people and access information quickly and easily through the internet.  But I'm fine doing from a computer or smartphone.  Project Glass seems a bit much though...even for me.  Check out the video to see more.

Is all that really necessary? I would think getting all those popups in your face would get annoying after a while. Of course, if you did get tired of all those popups, you could just take the headset off...but then how would you get your notifications? What if you missed an important message? I guess maybe then you could just switch over to using your phone? But...if you need to carry your phone anyway, then why bother having the headset at all? Wouldn't it just become something else to carry around once you get tired of wearing it?  I'm fine just carrying around a smartphone.

 And what would people do if these things became common? Just walk around connected to a cyber world while ignoring the people around them? Sounds like something from a science-fiction movie. As innovative and futuristic as this project seems, I hope they are in no hurry to push it out to the public.

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