Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cloaked UFO or Double Exposure?

Image via Huffington Post

This photo was included in a Huffington Post article titled British Civil Aviation Authority Highly Interested In Pilots' UFO Sightings.  The article begins by saying that even though the UK Ministry of Defense officially stopped doing UFO investigations in 2009, the British Civil Aviation Authority still collects reports that involve UFO sightings with possible flight safety issues.

Further down in the article though, an example of a pilot reporting a UFO sighting from 1985 was described and included that picture.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

UK pilots have reported a number of chilling near-misses with UFOs.
One incident involved David Hastings, a British pilot pictured below, who, along with his co-pilot, David Paterson, was flying a Cessna Skymaster plane over the Mojave Desert in America on Sept. 9, 1985. 

"We were sitting there enjoying the sunshine when we both suddenly saw this speck out on the horizon at our 12 o'clock position," Hastings told HuffPost.
"This speck suddenly grew extremely quickly until we saw this huge shadow go over the top of us," he recounted. "But the most amazing thing about it was there was no noise and absolutely no movement or turbulence at all. We looked at each other, saying, 'What the hell was that?'"
At that point, both pilots felt that something was in the air off the port (left) side of their plane, but they couldn't see anything there. They agreed that they were able to sense something moving outside.
Hastings walked to the back of the plane, grabbed his camera and returned to the cockpit where he snapped two pictures out the window. All he was able to see in the camera viewfinder was the left wing of the plane and the ground below.
It was only after they returned to San Francisco and got the pictures developed that they knew they'd encountered something extraordinary.
"One picture showed what we expected to see -- the aircraft wing and the ground," said Hastings. "But in the second one, there was this [cigar-shaped] thing. We were both convinced that it was not a manmade object."

It seems a little odd that a pilot would snap a picture of something he couldn't see, but they did say they could "sense something moving outside."  But he also took more than one picture, so is it possible this is some kind of double exposure?  While it does look like there could be some sort of partially cloaked cigar shaped aircraft out there, it also looks to me that at each end of the alleged craft there is a band of slightly lighter colorization than the areas around it coming towards the plane.  It almost looks like a transparent outline of a wing.

Now I'm not necessarily suggesting the pilots didn't see what they said they saw, but I'm questioning whether or not this is a picture of what they said they saw.  Why does it look like the outline of a wing?  What else could that be?  Even if it was some sort of cloaked sci-fi tractor beam, you'd think the pilots would have noticed at least a little bit of turbulence.

With that said, I guess it could be a cloaked cigar shaped UFO.  But I kind of doubt it.

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