Sunday, August 26, 2012

Interesting News Links - August 26, 2012


Children uncover ancient statues while bathing in Cambodia

Archaeology and the Bible

History's Mysteries

Earhart team says possible plane debris sighted


Source Of Loud Boom In Foothills A Mystery


Sun dominates space weather concerns for next decade

Antarctica once covered in palm trees, scientists discover

Sweeping 'Grand Canyon' discovered beneath Antarctic ice  --- It's amazing to think that with all the stuff we are learning about space and other planets, we still don't know everything about our own planet.

New Hover Vehicle Recalls 'Star Wars' Bike  --- Well it's about time!  Now someone needs to start working on lightsabers!

NASA Unveils InSight, Next Mission to Mars

Workhorse Voyager 2 turns 35 — and it's still going strong

Scientists uncover secret to stopping super bacteria

Did NASA discover life on Mars... 36 years ago?  --- Interesting...if Curiosity finds carbon compounds in the Martian soil, it may confirm the results of an experiment conducted by a Viking lander in 1976 that suggested there may be microbial life on Mars.

Self-awareness in humans is more complex, diffuse than previously thought --- Also see this LiveScience report on the same subject.

Study reveals human drive for fair play --- Somebody felt it was necessary to do a study to confirm that humans have a drive for fair play and chimps don't?  What will they attempt to confirm next?  That humans can drive cars and chips can't?

NASA's Rejected Missions and New Hopefuls --- The mission to Titan would have been a really interesting one.


UFO Caught On Camera In Valley  --- Includes a video news report that felt the need to include a mention of 'balloon boy'.  But what may be more bizarre is one of the anchors said the Phoenix lights happen at least once a year.  I wasn't aware of that...I only knew of the famous 1997 incident and maybe one other sighting since then.  I'm not sure if she knows what she is talking about or not.

Other topics of interest...

63-year-old engineer is Japan’s ‘Last Ninja’

A rare find: 'Lost' Picasso piece discovered in US museum

Lightning strikes four times in the same spot and it's all on tape --- Who says lightning never strikes in the same spot twice?

Nepali man bites snake to death in revenge attack

Buying Their Way to Twitter Fame  --- Looks like some famous people may be inflating their number of followers with fakes.

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