Saturday, August 25, 2012

Strange unidentified sounds

I recently wrote about reports of strange sounds that had no clear source of origin in my post titled Hums, booms, and aircraft sounds.  Videos on the internet record some of the sounds, such as this one from Germany with a bizarre buzzing sound.

This next video has an interesting perspective on the strange unknown sound phenomena that discusses potentially scientific explanations as well as point out that these sounds may have been heard since ancient times...citing examples of "trumpets" being heard from the sky.


Read another report about an unidentified "boom" sound heard in Mississippi here.

What are these sounds?  Are they hoaxes?  Are they legit sounds that may seem to not have a clearly visible and logical origin but actually do somewhere off in the distance?  Or are they actually something mysterious or unknown?  Could the answer include any combination of those questions?  We already have UFOs...doing we need to coin a new term now, USWs (Unidentified Sound Waves)?

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