Sunday, September 30, 2012

Are we a part of something much larger?

Click image to make it larger.  Seen on the New York Times.
I saw the above image last night and was reminded of my post from a while back titled Some 'What if' questions of what we are part of.  In that post, I wondered if we are the makeup of something larger.  The atoms we are made up of consist of an atomic nucleus with electrons orbiting it.  So I wondered if our sun could be like a nucleus and the orbiting planets like electrons.  Our solar system is a part of our galaxy and our galaxy is a part of our universe.  Could our universe be a part of something much larger?  The image above asks that question.

We are within the universe so we can't really take a picture of it.  But the image of the universe above is just a scientific interpretation of what the universe may look like if you were somehow on the outside looking in.  If the interpretation is accurate, you can certainly see the resemblance.  If our universe is just a neuron in the mind of a larger being, God perhaps, are we just a part of the DNA?  It could also add credence to the existence of the hypothetical multiverse if true.  Our universe may just be one of many in the mind of God.

Some food for thought!

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