Sunday, September 2, 2012

Interesting News links - September 2, 2012


Moth that looks like a poodle has Internet abuzz ---When I first saw a picture of this thing I thought it was a photoshop too.  Apparently it isn't though.


Metal casting from Leonardo da Vinci’s 500-year-old ‘Horse and Rider’ sculpture unveiled

Dating of NZ wreck suggests visitors pre-dated Cook

English language is descended from ancient Turkey, experts claim


Villagers spooked over mysterious sounds  --- More mysterious underground sounds.  Very bizarre.  Makes you wonder if this a new phenomena or just gets reported more often in the internet age.  Read my posts about mysterious sounds here.


"Little flash" as bionic eye brings amazed woman some sight

FlyingBuddy2: Pilot This Mind-Controlled 'Copter With Nothing But Your Thoughts --- Article includes a video of it too.


Space Elevator Project Shoots for the Moon --- Sounds like a very cool project if they can pull it off!

Sugar Found In Space: A Sign of Life? --- A "sweet discovery" (Their words, not mine!).

Tatooine-Like Planet Discovered by NASA’s Kepler --- The headline may be slightly misleading to draw people in to read the article.  Once you read further into the article, it says they think the planet is a gas giant, meaning it isn't really like Tatooine.  They only said it was like Tatooine because it was found in a binary star system.


Mysterious lights in sky over Burbage "drain phone batteries"

Camouflaged UFO spooks Boston

Swedish team launches UFO retrieval mission

Other topics of interest...

Hobbyist builds working S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier

Black Hawk helicopters' war games in downtown Minneapolis

Lost's Jorge Garcia to Guest-Star on Once Upon a Time --- A great character from my favorite show ever on one of my current favorite shows!

University of Cape Town Researchers Believe They Have Found a Single Dose Cure for Malaria

Self-Driving Cars Approved by California Legislature


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