Sunday, September 23, 2012

Interesting news links - September 23, 2012


Philippines Tomb Discovery At 1,000-Year-Old Village Show Unexpected Advances 

Beeswax Filling May Be Oldest Hint of Dentistry --- Who says all prehistoric people were dimwitted cavemen?  Read my post about prehistoric sophistication here.

Ice age art -- more evocative that you'd think --- Even more prehistoric sophistication.

Ancient Baby Graveyard Not for Child Sacrifice, Scientists Say --- This actually wasn't news to me.  I saw this mentioned in a documentary years ago called Carthage: The Roman Holocaust (see a short clip of it here).  I'm not sure if they are referring to the exact same location, but I'm assuming they probably are.

FIRST EVER ETRUSCAN PYRAMIDS FOUND IN ITALY --- I've actually been to Orvieto.  Had no idea I may have been walking above some pyramids though.

Enormous Roman Mosaic Found Under Farmer's Field

Alien Toy? All Attempts To Solve This Ancient Mystery - Failed --- Whatever the Roman dodecahedrons are, I doubt they are an alien toy.  My guess is they probably served a relatively simple purpose.

Humans were already recycling 13,000 years ago


So is there a Loch Ness Monster in Siberia?


The Great New England Vampire Panic --- A lengthy but interesting article about an American vampire scare.  And no, they aren't talking about Twilight.

Daily Lives of Ancient Egyptians Translated in New Dictionary


Mysteriously Boiling Water In Russian River Reported

Uncertainty over 'fireballs' in the sky

The Russian Rock From Outer Space --- An old article that was recently updated.

An Early Induced Out-Of-Body-Experience??


Genetic study finds complexity in cradle of humanity 

Physicist explains significance of Higgs boson discovery --- Eh, I'm still not sure what's so exciting about it.  But at least he admits it's difficult to predict the future significance of the discovery.  He also says you don't necessarily need to be a physicist to potentially benefit from the discovery though, likening in to the making of the transistor -- a person using a cell phone doesn't need to know how a transistor works to be able to use a cell phone.  I guess that's good to know.

Mystery Behind Deep-Sea Crop Circles off the Coast of Japan Solved

Protecting Our Harbors and Ships With a Robotic Tuna Fish --- Even more robots.


Signs of water found on giant asteroid

Super-earth close to red dwarf star Gliese 163 'top contender' for supporting life  ---Includes a cool infographic about exoplanets currently thought to be potentially habitable.

Branson’s invasion of Mars --- Richard Branson has already opened a spaceflight company and plans to offer space tourism flight.  Now he wants to populate Mars...and potentially go there himself.  He's certainly a man with high aspirations!


MORE SKY BEASTS?– SOME HITHERTO-UNPUBLISHED SIGHTINGS OF AERIAL ANOMALIES --- I wasn't sure if I should put this one in Crytozoology or UFOs section since the topic questions whether or not it's possible some UFOs could be some kind of unknown organism, but since the objects are unidentified and there is no confirmation they are organisms, I figured it was better suited for the UFO section.

UFO gives a dazzling show in night skies
Other topics of interest...

Do humans dream of android prostitutes? --- I guess this one may end up being another question of what is moral and what isn't.

Internet-famous octogenerian Ecce Homo "restorer" seeks royalties

Polar sea ice could set ANOTHER record this year

Sick system: Record $11 bln fines do not deter pharma giants from crime --- Not only is it bothersome that they consider fines "the cost of doing business," but if they are getting fines that large and still in business and making a profit, just how much money are these companies really making?

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