Sunday, October 7, 2012

Interesting News Links - October 7, 2012


Experts: Mayan Ballgame Had Astronomical Function

Archaeologists return to ancient Greek ‘computer’ wreck site: official --- Check out the Wikipedia page for the Antikythera mechanism here.

Almost intact carcass of 30,000-year-old woolly mammoth found by 11-year-old boy

Mayan Tomb May Belong to Warrior Queen

La Bastida Unearthed: A 4,100 Year-Old Fort In Europe

Eating Meat Made Us Human, Suggests New Skull Fossil 


Photos of Nunavik Sasquatch Tracks

Jane Goodall 'Fascinated' By Bigfoot


Amityville 'horror house' back on market as owners drop asking price from $1.35m to $955k




Hundreds of birds smash into car

Mystery Boom Rattles NJ Community 

Mysterious tremors raise questions  --- Tremors and mysterious sounds seem to be getting more common.  I'm just not sure if they are happening more often or if reports of them are just more widespread in the internet era.


Czech Man Becomes the First Person in the World to Live With No Heart or Pulse

The $1 billion mission to reach the Earth's mantle

Tracking Uncertainty's Origin in the Brain

Not getting sleepy? Research explains why hypnosis doesn't work for all 

How Memory Load Leaves Us 'Blind' to New Visual Information 

Study: Fraud growing in scientific research papers  --- Scientific fraud is a topic I am particularly interested in and wrote my own post about it here.  We live in a time where some people put a lot of 'faith' in 'scientism', so I think it's important that people realize that just because something is written in a scientific report or said by a man in a lab coat does not always mean it's true.  Here is a quote from the article:

"Bigger money makes for bigger reasons for fraud," said New York University bioethicist Arthur Caplan. "More fame, more potential for profit... Some of the cheating and fraud is not too dissimilar to the cheating and fraud we've seen in banking."

And in addition to that, I also think furthering an agenda or belief is also prevalent in scientific fraud.


NASA Plan to Build Space Station Beyond the Moon Criticized

Weather On Mars Surprisingly Warm, Curiosity Rover Finds

“Once in a Civilization” Comet to Zip past Earth Next Year --- Might be something to look for.  If it's as profound as they make it sound, it should be pretty noticeable!

European probe captures Martian 'island of silver' in stunning detail - complete with mountain peaks topped by carbon dioxide frost 

Does it snow on Venus? Unusual 'cold spot' suggests second planet from the sun joins Mars in having carbon dioxide 'flurries'

Private SpaceX Cargo Ship Launching 'New Era' for Space Station Today

Time Travel

Is 'Looper'-like time travel possible? Scientists say maybe

Wash. attorney: 'I have physically traveled in time' ---Somewhat ironically...I'm pretty sure I've heard this story in the past. (ba-doom-psh)


Politicians Talking About UFOs And Aliens

Other topics of interest...


U.N. chief duped by prank call from fake Canadian PM

Robber who broke into hair salon is beaten by its black-belt owner and kept as a sex slave for three days... fed only Viagra --- You know, I don't do a headline of the week or anything like that, but if I did, this would probably be it for this

Zombies teach CPR in new public service announcement

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