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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Interesting News Links - November 25, 2012


Mystery Monday: Did Kentucky Town Fight Off Aliens In 1955?


Prehistoric home unearthed in Scotland

Lost civilization unearthed

Archaeological find debunks "Maya collapse" theory

Giant penguin fossils found in Antarctica


Our Unconscious Minds Can Perform Complex Operations

The Nature Of Conscious Thought May Be Rhythmic


Bizarre muppet-like beast discovered --- Bizarre, yes.  Muppet-like, not so much.  Kind of a sad story...I don't think they should have shot at it if it wasn't attacking them initially.

‘Britain’s Bigfoot’ spotted in Tunbridge Wells

In the Shadows of the Tiger-Men and Were-Tigers 

Scientists estimate at least one third of marine species remain unknown to humans

Dr. Melba Ketchum's Press Release About Bigfoot DNA


Chemical studies of old English coins reveal New World silver

A Forgotten Thanksgiving Custom: Masks, Mischief and Cross-dressing


Scientists baffled by dead birds in Missouri

Mystery surrounds Ingham sound and light show


Channeling Spirits Shuts Down parts Of Brain --- Very interesting article that says scientists found that the area of the brain involved in language and purposeful activity actually shut down when channeling -- kind of the opposite of what you would have expected.  It also says the more experienced psychographers (channelers) consistently produced more complex language when they were in a trance state.


Does the Moon Have Levitating Lunar Dust?

Big News From Mars? Rover Scientists Mum For Now

Europe, Russia to Team Up on Mars Missions

Distant frigid world reveals its secrets for the first time

Other topics of interest...

James Holmes: Inmate's strange tale of "confession" and suicide efforts

What the Hell Is China Building Here?

Parents Worried About Web Firms Tracking Their Kids

Are we being watched? 'Alien' reaches out through Northern Lights --- This 'little green man' is not so little.

Cop cars to be replaced with drones by 2025 --- I wouldn't be surprised if they have drone vehicles by 2025...although I think "replaced" may be a strong word to use.  I doubt they would replace cop cars altogether that quickly, but they might be an addition to the force.

South Pacific Sandy Island 'proven not to exist' --- This is probably just an error that got repeated over and over, but I still think it's a little odd that an error like that is even made in this day and age with all that satellite photography.

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