Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mysterious UFO speeding over Denver

This appears to be a very good UFO sighting in Denver, Colorado.  Someone sent the Fox Affiliate in Denver footage of a UFO that appeared to be taking off and landing somewhere around the city.  What's cool about this UFO is that it is apparently consistent...appearing between noon and 1PM at least a couple of times a week according to the man who tipped off the news affiliate (who chose to remain unidentified himself).  The news affiliate decided to try to get their own footage of the UFO between 12 and 1PM, and, lo and behold, they did get their own footage!  The UFO is so fast, the video footage has to be slowed down for it to be visible.  The man who tipped them off even thinks he has pinpointed the approximate location the UFOs are taking off and landing at -- a residential intersection.  The news affiliate has not been able to identify the object.  Given the speed it travels at, it makes even a model aircraft appear to be an unlikely explanation (although some of those can be pretty fast...see this one).  See the news clip below.

So what could it be? I wouldn't totally rule out the possibility of it being some kind of model aircraft considering it seems to appear from a residential area around lunch time, but the speeds it travels at would seemingly rule out that possibility.  Hopefully they investigate this one further though; it looks like they have some solid information about it.

More Footage below.


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