Friday, November 16, 2012

Warm Bodies: A Different Kind of Zombie Movie

I don't often write about movies here (actually...I'm not sure if I ever have), but I do watch a lot of movies.  I saw a preview for a zombie movie that really struck me as different from the trend though...a zombie movie that is seemingly from the perspective...of a zombie.  A zombie who sees a living girl and suddenly gets a heartbeat again.  He starts to learn how to be human again, and whatever happened to cure himself from the zombie plague starts to happen to other zombies too...but the father of the girl he falls in love with, who apparently is a leader in the fight against the zombies, isn't convinced that the zombies are curing themselves.

Zombie fiction is certainly popular these days with The Walking Dead TV show and films like Zombieland and Resident Evil.  But this movie looks like it bucks the trend of that kind of zombie fiction from the perspective of the living fighting the zombie horde in a post-apocalyptic world.  Now we have zombie a post apocalyptic world that has the potential to be brought back to order.  It even has some comedy in it looks like a cross between The Walking Dead and Zombieland.

See the trailer below.

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