Saturday, December 22, 2012

Antarctic UFO Crash? Or something more mundane?

I came across the video below today that shows pictures of what it alleges may be a UFO crash guarded by four tanks.  I'm not sure what it is showing, but I doubt it's a crashed UFO and I doubt those are tanks...but I'm not sure what they really are.  Interestingly though, the supposed "UFO" does appear to have a trail of some sort behind it and it does appear to start in the middle of nowhere, so maybe something did land or crash there?  It's hard to tell what the object really is, so could it be some kind of meteorite that came in at an angle and is now covered in snow?  And what are the four other objects?  Could they just be some kind of buildings for a research station?  Whatever they are, they do look manmade to me. I'm not really sure how many buildings are actually in Antarctica and I'm not sure exactly where they are all located either, but I do know McMurdo Station is nearby.

The coordinates listed in the video and in the description appear to be wrong.  But going by coordinates left by a commenter on the video, I was able to find it on Google by putting in the coordinates -77.83,166.84.  To me, the images in the video actually look slightly different than the image currently (as of Dec 22, 2012) on Google Maps satellite imagery, but it's obviously the same location.  The minor differences may just be because of weather conditions.

There also appears to be some kind of road or trail coming from McMurdo to the south of the site and some other kind of building or anomaly just a little southwest of the site as well.

Check out the video and see what you think.  If you know what it is or think you might know what it is, leave a comment!

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