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Interesting news links - December 2, 2012


Maharashtra's ancient rock sculptures

Killer Cave May Have Inspired Myth of Hades

Shining a light on the Dark Ages: 1,000-year-old household objects and tools made from iron, bronze and bone found in 'one of most significant digs ever'

Building Stonehenge: A New Timeline Revealed

Stone Structures and Giants With Double Rows of Teeth --- I've written about giants before (it's actually my second post on this blog) and I mentioned old North American stone chambers here.  If you've ever been interested in giants or hidden/alternative history, check out the video at the link.  It's a 17 minute lecture, so if you don't have time to listen now, I recommend you save it and listen later!


Bigfoot: The Horizontally Dynamic Foot Theory

Bigfoot DNA Tests Prove Hairy Creature Exists, Genetic Researcher Says

Mystery bird spotted at New Mexico national wildlife refuge


The written word — an ancient tool of oppression

400-Year-Old Playing Cards Reveal Royal Secret


Brain-Controlled Toy Helicopter Hits Kickstarter --- Telekinesis too hard for you?  Try using technology instead with brain controlled toy helicopter sphere.  Sounds like some sci-fi stuff becoming reality!  Also see a robot here.

Artificial Brain Mimics Human Abilities and Flaws --- Is this the first step to building a droid or cylon brain?  God made man in his image, is man trying to make a robot in his own image?

Native Americans and Northern Europeans more closely related than previously thought --- Could this have anything to do with the Solutrean theory I mentioned a while back in my post Who Really Discovered America?

DNA is directly photographed for the first time --- This picture from the article of a bundle of DNA supported by two silicon pillars reminds me of some barren landscape from another planet...yet, it's actually microscopic.


Elon Musk's Next Big Vision is a Mars Colony --- The SpaceX co-founder now wants to start a Mars colony with as many as 80,000 colonists.  It still remains to be seen whether or not he can pull this one off, but he is certainly an amazing guy that has accomplished a lot already.  There's not too many people that start their own space travel company and contract with NASA to make runs to the International Space Station.  This guy is almost like a real life Tony Stark!

Curiosity's 'Historic' Mars Discovery Just a Big Misunderstanding

No, the U.S. Did Not Have a Plan to 'Blow Up' the Moon

Organics discovered on Mercury --- Mars has been all over the news recently, but it looks like Mercury may have organic material.  And here's an interesting thought from the article:

 "It could be that it's not just a question of having planets in a habitable zone. Maybe you need all these other ices and organics out there in the outer solar system to seed the planet, to provide the raw the material," planetary scientist David Paige said.

In other words, what if having life on a planet in the so-called "habitable zone" also requires that material from other planets outside the "habitable zone" be present?  Maybe there's no significant connection between the other planets and life on Earth and it would be difficult to prove even if there was...but it is an interesting question!

Black hole sun: Galaxy burns a vivid orange as it collapses in on itself ---  A black hole scientists claim has the mass of as much as 17 billion suns.  Sounds pretty big.

Other topics of interest...

How Designers Plan To Create 'The Route 66 Of The Future' --- Also see a video here.  Almost looks like something out of Tron: Legacy...but in the real world!

A Urine Powered Generator

Ukraine signs $1bn gas deal with mystery Spanish executive --- Wow...that's a pretty big con!

BP Clean-Up Made Oil Spill 52 Times Worse

Mount Shasta: Is U.S. Snowstorm Record in Jeopardy? --- Not only is it snowy, Mt. Shasta is a paranormal hotspot.

Men and women explore the visual world differently

Council Issues Vampire Alert

North Korea Has Found a Secret Unicorn Lair, Apparently --- Here's one you should definitely take with a grain of salt.

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