Sunday, December 23, 2012

Interesting news links - December 23, 2012


Solving the mystery of Piltdown Man --- Piltdown man, one of the biggest scientific hoaxes of all time.

Ancient stage where Nero performed as actor found

Basilica from the time of Constantine the Great found in Bulgarian capital

'Alien-like' skulls are unearthed in 1,000-year-old cemetery

Silchester Iron Age finds reveal secrets of pre-Roman Britain


Survivorman Bigfoot? --- A couple of Bigfoot stories from Les Stroud.

Bigfoot and the Christmas Star


Strange and Wonderful Ghosts of Christmas --- Some cool Christmas ghost stories.


Dead Sea scrolls go online --- See them here.

Medieval bras uncover the fascinating history of women's daily support needs


The Griffins and the Frog Rain --- Read my post Strange Rain for some similar stories.  These mysterious rains really are an enigma because they are so often species specific.  A real wtf.


MIT discovers a new state of matter, a new kind of magnetism

Genetically Modified Cells Could Replace Pacemakers

Why Music Moves Us 


How does NASA drive Mars rover Curiosity? --- In case you ever wondered how they drive a rover on Mars from Earth.

A New Earth? Potentially habitable planet discovered orbiting nearby star similar to our sun


Ret. Air Force generals say UFOs Will Stop A Nuclear Holocaust

Other topics of interest....

Mexico's Maya Heartland Greets Dawn of New Era

Artificial sweeteners found to boost weight gain in animals --- Just stay away from the fake stuff folks.  It's just not healthy.

Why I Always Opt Out of the TSA’s Naked Body Scanners --- Something else that isn't healthy.

The 10 Weirdest Animal Discoveries of 2012

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