Sunday, December 9, 2012

Interesting news links - December 9, 2012


China unearths ruined palace near terracotta army

Fit for a King: Largest Egyptian Sarcophagus Identified

Archaeologists find the lost port of ancient Rome

Cavemen were better at drawing animals than modern artists

How did the Oracle at Delphi really prophesize?


The Man-Beasts of South America


Mysterious shorthand code used by founding father Roger Williams is finally cracked at Brown


Mystery tremors puzzle experts

Mysterious booms rock Verde Valley


New technology makes troops invisible

Florida scientists prepare to release hundreds of thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes --- As if mosquitoes weren't annoying enough as it is...the government now wants to send out genetically modified mosquitoes.

Why Bad Science Is Like Bad Religion --- This is a great article by Rupert Sheldrake.  He really says what I have thought for a long time.  I think this article should be required reading in school now.

Like Pinocchio, Your Nose Shows When You Lie --- Except it doesn't grow just heats up a little.


Curiosity Rover Finds Organic Signal on Mars, But Not Definitive: NASA

Other topics of interest...

Original Batmobile on the Auction Block

Driving school for dogs in New Zealand ---'s a driving school for dogs.  And dogs actually do drive cars.

On Privacy: It's Not What I'm Hiding (Or Not Hiding) That Matters

Death Stars and Stripes: Americans sign petition to build killer ‘Star Wars’ space station

Verizon's Creepy Idea to Spy on TV Viewers --- WTF Verizon?  Do you want to be Big Brother?

Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli --- Also see my post about the sound synesthesia machine.

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