Sunday, January 6, 2013

Interesting news and articles - January 6, 2013


Archaeologists Think Hidden Imperial Tomb May Be Too Deadly to Explore --- I heard on TV the other day that the Chinese government has intentionally hidden other pyramids in the landscape by planting vegetation on them.  Why would they want to hide them?

2,750-year-old temple discovered in Israel

Eight million dog mummies found in Saqqara --- Geez, 8 million?  Really?

Lesser Known Geoglyphs


The Wild Man of Western Port: As big as a man and covered with hair --- The most interesting thing about this article to me was the Woeworong tribe's very descriptive explanation of what he looks like.


A Christmas Visitor

Shirley MacLaine says “Downton Abbey” castle is haunted


Alcohol: Social Lubricant for 10,000 Years

Collection of ancient Jewish manuscripts found in Afghanistan fox cave


10 Mysteries Worthy of Sherlock Holmes's Time

Source of loud boom in Red Bank remains a mystery

Man Captures Video Of Strange Explosion In The Sky

What, exactly, is that radar anomaly in Mason County? 

Does this Taiwanese photo prove transparent aliens walk among us? --- You might want to go ahead and have a grain of salt ready for this one.

Englishman wakes from stroke speaking fluent Welsh --- It's almost bizarre the things we know that we don't even realize we know.  Check out my post Mysteries of the human brain for some similar information.

Argentina: Cattle Mutilations Return to Santiago del Estero


Atoms Reach Record Temperature, Colder than Absolute Zero

Military Must Prep Now for ‘Mutant’ Future, Researchers Warn

Black Seed - 'The Remedy For Everything But Death'

Your Elusive Future Self

Newborns Know Their Native Tongue, Study Finds

Martian rock from Sahara desert unlike others

The Curious Genetics of Werewolves


NASA May Try to Capture Asteroid, Fix It in Lunar Orbit --- Sounds cool, although they would be bringing the asteroid here instead of sending a crewed mission to an asteroid, as has been considered before.

Approaching comet may outshine the moon

Curiosity rover studies rocks and a 'flower' on Mars 


Mysterious lights appear over Trout Lake

Book reveals secrets of NZ archives

Orange orbs cause UFO buzz

UFO? Strange lights in Cardwell --- Quadcopters maybe?

Other topics of interest....

Scientology 'Alien Space Cathedral' Reportedly Revealed In New Mexico

6 Tech Opportunities for Google in North Korea

Toyota, Audi Prepping Self-Driving Cars

Incredible “Double Helix DNA Cloud” Appears In the Moscow Sky

Photographic Adventure Reveals the Frightening Deadness of Genetically Engineered Corn Field

After 63 years, U.S. Postal Service delivers calendar

Cat caught sneaking saw, phone into Brazil prison

Best Google Bug Ever Adds 'Praise The iPad' To Text-To-Speech Commands

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