Sunday, January 13, 2013

Interesting news and articles - January 13, 2013

Lots of mysterious booms in the news much so that I gave them their own mysterious sounds section this week!


Over 300 Clay Figures Found at Ancient Site

Ancient tombs unearthed in Egypt --- They found tombs in Luxor that they believe to be at least 3000 years old.

Down the Drain: Lost Items Reveal Roman Bath Activities


School Children Launch Search for “Unknown Beast” Stalking Neighborhood


Mind the Gap: London’s Historic Haunted Underground

Night noises stump Christchurch crime busters


Voluntary slavery? Ancient Egyptians paid a monthly fee to become temple slaves

Oldest Roman Hairstyle Recreated for First Time

Pompeii 'Wall Posts' Reveal Ancient Social Networks


Lost Ship of the Desert

Are the Los Roques islands the new Bermuda Triangle?

Death on the Great Dunes: The Strange Case of The First Cattle Mutilation

The Men in Black: Two 19th-century Accounts

Mysterious sounds

Something definitely going 'boom' in the night

Southcentral Authorities Silent on Cause of Booming Noise

They’re back: Unexplained ‘booming noises’ reported from South Carolina to California

Unexplained loud 'booms' heard over Kentucky and Indiana

Unexplained “Boom” Regularly Echoing Over Guthrie, Oklahoma

Even More Mystery Booms Reported in Utah, California

Psychic Phenomena

We May All Be Psychic: Data From 14 Year Global Consciousness Study Released

Jenna visits the psychic capital of the world


Arizona Professor Challenges Popular Dark Energy Theory  --- I'm glad to see someone in academia questioning the dark energy theory.  I think there are a lot of theories built on other theories, yet they often get taught almost as if it were fact.  I'm glad to see a fresh perspective instead of the typical close minded train of thought in academia.


'Doomsday' asteroid Apophis more massive than first thought

Astronomers spot biggest structure in the universe --- Or at least the biggest "structure" that anyone has ever seen.  I kind of like that they used the word "structure" to describe it.

Fake mission to Mars leaves astronauts spaced out


UFO mystery talk of the town in Amherst --- And there's no photo??

The day UFOs hovered over Fiorentina's Stadio Artemio Franchi

UFO Sightings At International Space Station On The Rise --- Includes a link to a live feed from the ISS.  But with all the satellites, meteors, and space debris out there, there's a lot of potential objects out there that could be mistaken for something more interesting...especially when you consider it may be hard to judge how how big and how far away the objects are.

Other topics of interest...

Supercomputer Watson Gets Mouth Washed Out With Digital Soap

Real-world aimbot: The $17,000 rifle with a Linux-powered scope

Too Cold for Crop Circles, “Snow Circles” Appear in Connecticut --- If you want to see some really good snow art, check out this link.

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