Sunday, January 20, 2013

Interesting news and articles - January 20th, 2013


Mexican researchers extract intact DNA from Palenque's Red Queen

Searching for the lost royal city of Nubia in northern Sudan


Yesterday in Bigfoot History | 1977 | U.S. Marines Ordered to Stay Silent on Bigfoot


Elgin Marbles & the Parthenon

'Peaceful' Minoans Surprisingly Warlike --- Also see this.  I've come to think that the people historians call the "Minoans" were actually the Atlanteans Plato wrote about.

Gene study hopes to settle debate over origin of European Jews

Facebook concept used by sixteenth century scholars


'Boom' Makers Elude Montauk Cops

Lair of the Beasts: A World War Wild Man


Hyperspace travel would look very different than it does in the movies ---Eh...I'll believe it when I see it. :)

UMass Amherst Study May Explain Why Wolves are Forever Wild, But Dogs Can Be Tamed

Moon Illusion: New Theory Reignites Debate Over Why Moon Appears Larger Near the Horizon

Tree and human health may be linked

Mind games: Reading classics stimulates brain activity

5 Personal Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Someone


NASA Sends Mona Lisa to the Moon on a Laser Ride

"Mars Flower" continues to puzzle scientists


UFOs On The Moon: Scientists, Astronauts And YouTube Users Report Strange Sightings 

Three Greenville NC 2012 UFO Reports - A Review

UFOs Over Michigan Baffle Multiple Eyewitnesses: Could It Be Swamp Gas?  --- When I see stuff like this, more and more often I wonder if they could be quadrotor drones.  They can fly in formation, giving the appearance of possibly being a solid object from a distance, but then the lights move out of formation, indicating it isn't really a solid object at all.  But if these are drones, then who is flying them? Are they totally oblivious to the news and don't come forward because they don't know anyone is wondering what it is?  Or are they intentionally trying to perpetuate a UFO story?  Or are they up to something in secret that they don't want others to know about?

The Space People: Reports of Humanoids from Yesteryear

Coast Guard searches for ‘unknown object’ in Lake Ontario

Other topics of interest...

Report: Warner Bros. Planning John McAfee Movie

Microsoft Announces Xbox IllumiRoom --- Even if you're not a gamer, this thing looks really cool.

Cat Lost on Vacation Travels 190 Miles Home

Megan Fox talks Bigfoot, Leprechauns and Lindsay Lohan --- I guess this one could fit in more than one category, so I figured I would just put it down here.

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