Sunday, January 27, 2013

Interesting news and articles - January 27th, 2013


Grapes of Wrath: The Fall River/Dighton Mystery

Archeologists revise image of ancient Celts

Earliest Evidence of Chocolate in North America


ÁLFASKÓLINN - ELF SCHOOL - Learn about Iceland's hidden folk at this school dedicated to the study of elves


Guests are on the lookout for ghosts at Centre Hill Mansion


Clues to Prehistoric Human Exploration Found in Sweet Potato Genome  --- Not really "news," I've actually written about this before here.  It's a very interesting topic though.

History's Mysteries

300-Million-Year-Old Tooth Wheel Found In Russian Coal: Scientists --- I don't think it's aliens.  Just more evidence that scientific dating methods can sometimes be quite shoddy.  Also see this English language Russian report about this find that says "finding a strange artifact in coal is a relatively frequent occurrence" nowadays.

Antediluviana: Chronicles of Worlds Before This One


Confusion in Corbin over fake "quake"

Booms in downstate Indiana still a mystery

Canadian government to explore source of mysterious ‘Windsor hum’


Researchers Turn DNA Into Digital Storage Medium

I robot, would you like fries with your burger? --- The potential near future of robot servants.

Men more likely than women to commit scientific fraud

Wanted: Surrogate for Neanderthal Baby


Mars Rover Makes it to 'Jackpot' Location on Red Planet

NASA to Release 'Changing Face of Mars' Documentary


Did a News Crew Capture a UFO While Covering the Australian Brushfire? --- My guess is the haze from the smoke is obscuring a more mundane explanation, but you can judge for yourself.

Other topics of interest...

Google: Feds Requesting More User Data, Mostly Via Subpoenas

Dolphins form ‘life raft’ to help dying friend

Predawn spectacle was flaming comet --- Anytime I hear about a comet or meteor burning up in the atmosphere, I always think of the atmosphere as being like a starship's shields from a sci-fi story.  It's interesting to me how a seemingly sci-fi concept occurs naturally.

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