Thursday, January 10, 2013

Poor Menkaure and Khafre get left out of Pyramid Power Plant theory

The Great Pyramid in Egypt is one of the biggest enigmas of the ancient world.  There are different theories as to how it was built and what it's true purpose was.  One theory is that the Great Pyramid was not a tomb, but a giant power plant.  This is a popular theory among supporters of the ancient astronaut hypothesis and is evident in a recent episode of Ancient Aliens named Alien Power Plants.

This theory is not new and there's no shortage of information about it on the internet.  If you haven't seen the Ancient Aliens episode and don't feel like watching the whole thing, you can watch the video below for a shorter summary of it.

You can also read about it here or here.

That's some elaborate stuff there.  But aren't they ignoring a very large elephant in the room?  There's more than one pyramid at Giza!  And there's a whole lot more than that scattered around Egypt!  This power plant theory seems to primarily focus on the Great Pyramid.  So what is the purpose of the other two pyramids at Giza according to this theory?  Not only do they seem to mostly ignore the other pyramids, but they also ignore the fact that the other pyramids aren't laid out the same way on the inside.  Here is the layout of the Great Pyramid.

You'll notice that Khafre's pyramid below has a different layout on the inside.

Menkaure's is different as well.

You can also check out an interactive walkthrough of the Giza pyramids here.

As you can see, they are all different.  And those are just the pyramids at Giza.  If the theory is partially based on the design of the Great Pyramid, then how do the other pyramids work if they are built differently?

The theory goes on to suggest that there may have been some sort of worldwide power grid in antiquity.  There are pyramids in the Americas and China as well, but those pyramids are not even the same kind of design!  Plus they weren't all built during the same time period!  The American pyramids are not as old as the Egyptian pyramids.  And if it is ever confirmed whether or not the alleged Bosnian pyramids are genuine pyramids, it's possible they may turn out to be even older than the Egyptian pyramids.

I'd love to think that the pyramids may have once been a part of some ancient power grid, but unless proponents of this theory quit ignoring the other pyramids and can come up with an explanation as to how the other ones worked, I'll probably remain skeptical.

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