Sunday, February 10, 2013

Interesting news and articles - February 10, 2013


35 Ancient Pyramids Discovered in Sudan Necropolis

Prehistoric rock art found in Scottish Highlands


Japanese Flying Squid's Abilities Confirmed, Speed Measured By Scientists --- The flying squid is no longer a cryptid.


Route 66: The Haunted Stops Along America's Road

Barrett's Plantation House Investigation


Aztec Conquerors Reshaped Genetic Landscape of Mexico

Experts find remains of England's King Richard III

History's Mysteries

Amazing Artifacts and Alternate History


Could this 'Star Trek' headband help banish migraines? --- Not sure what it has to do with Star Trek, but it is interesting.

Future News Predicted Now --- Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  It has the potential to be good, but I think there could be a potential to abuse it too.  But I'm a little skeptical as to how accurate it would really be anyway.

The secret to running repairs --- An article about the Mexican walking fish, a.k.a. the axolotl.  It can regenerate limbs and recover from brain and spinal cord injuries with ease.  Wouldn't it be nice if researchers could get the funding to study how it does that?

Mystery Mini Moons: How Many Does Earth Have?

International Space Station photograph captures giant 'underwater' wave spread over hundreds of miles in the Caribbean Sea

Can you hear meteors?

Your Immune System 'Remembers' Microbes It's Never Fought Before, New Study Says

How Active Is the Brain in a Coma?

Lightning Phenomena and Paranormal Phenomena


Is This Meteorite a Piece of Mercury?

Mars shiny metal object

Kepler Space Telescope Data Reveals Billions Of Earth-Like Planets Near Earth


Lights whizzing by Jamnagar refinery leave UFO rumours in their wake

Other topics of interest...

Doctors Sterilize 9-Year-Old Who Gave Birth Against Mothers Wishes; Was It Ethical? --- Well this is a real wtf in more than one way.

Predicting Weather with a Pig Spleen --- What I found interesting about this is that in ancient times, some diviners used a method of divination called haruspicy, which involves inspecting the entrails of sacrificed animals to make predictions.  They may have used it for more than just predicting the weather back then, but it's interesting to think that there might actually be some genuine merit to the method.

Study finds it actually is better (and healthier) to give than to receive

How to Give The Slip to Persistent Negative Thoughts

The One (Really Easy) Persuasion Technique Everyone Should Know

Valentine's Day Conspiracy Theories --- I'm not sure I would call these "conspiracy theories," but it's some interesting information about Valentine's Day nonetheless.

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