Sunday, February 17, 2013

Interesting news and articles - February 17, 2013


Peru archaeologists find ancient temple in El Paraiso

‘Largest’ Scottish ancient artworks revealed

Luxor necropolis among new Egyptian finds 

Large sculpture of the God of Fire found atop Mexico's Pyramid of the Sun


Council gives away £375,000 manor 'because it is haunted'

The Phantom Highwayman


They Might Be Giants! 18 Ft. Tall Giant Human Skeleton Found By Oil Prospector J. Mckinney In Texas! --- Interesting stuff...but you might need to read this one with a grain of salt ready.  This isn't the first time I've heard a story told about the Smithsonian losing something unusual though.

King Tut's Parents Were Cousins, Not Siblings: Researcher

The rock-cut cave temples of Badami, India


Mysterious Shaking Puzzles Experts In Morristown, TN

Russia's Dyatlov Pass Incident, the Strangest Unsolved Mystery of the Last Century

Has The Amazing Purpose Of Petrospheres AKA Neolithic Stone Balls Finally Been Discovered? --- Not an article, but a post on the Above Top Secret forums.  Interesting observation though.


Peter N's NDE

Papal Resignation

Pope Says He Will Be ‘Hidden to the World’ in Retirement

A sign from above? Lightning strikes Vatican hours after Pope's shock resignation

Catholic Church downplays prophecy about ‘last pope’

Psychic Phenomena

I believe ghosts of the past talk to us


Could the sea be conscious? Research reveals how tiny plankton behave like a marine 'megamind' --- Also see this post of mine from 2009 that touches on a similar topic.

If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?

Telepathy Between Couples: Is It Real?

Premonitions by Rupert Sheldrake

Cupid's arrow: Notre Dame Research illuminates laws of attraction


Airburst Explained: NASA Addresses the Russian Meteor Explosion --- I wonder how they can be certain the to asteroids were not connected in any way?  I wonder if they could have had the same origin source?

Russian Meteor Blast's 'Infrasound' Detected Over Vast Distances


Welcome to earth: Photo of UFO hovering above Bucharest parliament mirrors famous White House scene from Independence Day --- Looks more like some kind of beam of light than a UFO to me.  An unusual looking beam of light...but a beam of light no less.

Other topics of interest...

Raytheon Riot Software Predicts Behavior Based on Social Media

Hack of Montana TV Station Warns Viewers of Zombie Attack --- Also see this.

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