Sunday, March 24, 2013

Interesting news and articles - March 24, 2013


Return to Antikythera: what divers discovered in the deep

Ancient Egyptian Sundial Discovered at Valley of the Kings

Ancient Stone Ships Reveal Life and Death in the Bronze Age

2,400-Year-Old Myths of Mummy-Making Busted

Hippodrome of ancient Delphi located


Ghost Sits on Couch video --- Looks kind of like a reflection off of glass to me.


Unearthed after seven centuries the 'Black Death' pit skeletons that could unravel the medical mysteries of a pandemic

Ancient Giant Trees Found Petrified in Thailand


Monster double eggs laid by 'miracle chicken' in China

Tremors a mystery in South Jersey


Sound Waves Focused Into Laserlike Beam

Scientists claim to have built hologram-projecting cell phone

Sleep consolidates memories for competing tasks

Why Humans Get Lost

Researchers explore connecting the brain to machines

Extinct frog hops back into the gene pool

Monster from the deep hits the surface --- A giant squid article.


Pluto Could Have Ten Moons


UFOs Buzz Florida Homes

Unexplained aircraft leave South Whidbey resident with questions

Other topics of interest...

The World’s Most Bizarre Living Fossils

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