Sunday, March 3, 2013

Interesting news and articles - March 3, 2013


Geometric tomb revealed in central Crete

Minoan shipyard to be presented in conference


Van Lear's Coal Mining Ghosts


One million 'Romans' in Britain

British academic discovers a 500-year-old arrest warrant for Machiavelli

Geneticists Estimate Publication Date Of The 'Iliad'

The man who gave us wings --- The story of a 9th century man who developed a set of wings for flying.

Seeking Meaning in the Earliest Female Nudes

Shoe-dunnit? Archaeologists determined to solve the mystery

History's Mysteries

Gods of the Hunt: Legends of Mysterious Slant-Eyed Giants


Vittorio Missoni's Disappearance Gives Rise To New Fears Of Bermuda Triangles Worldwide


Nostradamus prophecy predicts the end of the world in 2013 --- Well it didn't take long for someone to come up with another end of the world prophecy.  See posts of mine that are related to the topics here and here.


God is not the Creator, claims academic --- The title may make it sound like the article is some typical atheist drivel, but it actually isn't.  It's about an Old Testament scholar who reanalyzed the original Hebrew text from Genesis and determined that the book (in her opinion) is actually the beginning of a narration, not the beginning of time.  According to her analysis, she says God created humans and animals, but not the Earth itself.  Personally, I'm skeptical of her analysis, but I thought it was interesting enough that I would post the article.  The Ancient Aliens crowd would probably love it though.


Ancient 'Micro-Continent' Found Under Indian Ocean

Researchers Test Stretchable Battery for Flexible Devices

Pentagon's DARPA researchers learn to control rat's brain over Internet

Marin Environmentalist Claims Recreating Extinct Species Is Possible

When Brain Damage Unlocks The Genius Within --- Also see my post "Mysteries of the Human Brain."

Most Earth species 'still unknown': Brazil expert


Vulcan Tops Online Voting to Name Pluto's Moons --- Now I'm  a Star Wars guy, not a Star Trek guy, but this is still pretty cool.  Of course, the name still fits with the naming scheme of heavenly bodies because Vulcan is a mythological figure, but it's the connection to Star Trek that has gotten the name the votes.

Russian Meteor Likely An Apollo Asteroid Chunk

Meteorite Crash Landings Mapped

First glimpse of a black hole's spin

Dennis Tito Proposes Ultimate Honeymoon Voyage to Mars
10 amazing scientific facts about lists

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